Along Came a Spider - James Patterson

Along Came a Spider

By James Patterson

  • Release Date: 2001-02-15
  • Genre: Police Procedural
Score: 4.5
From 1,510 Ratings


Discover the classic thriller that launched the #1 detective series of the past twenty-five years, now one of PBS's "100 Great American Reads"

Alex Cross is a homicide detective with a Ph.D. in psychology. He works and lives in the ghettos of D. C. and looks like Muhammad Ali in his prime. He's a tough guy from a tough part of town who wears Harris Tweed jackets and likes to relax by banging out Gershwin tunes on his baby grand piano. But he also has two adorable kids of his own, and they are his own special vulnerabilities.

Jezzie Flanagan is the first woman ever to hold the highly sensitive job as supervisor of the Secret Service in Washington. Blond, mysterious, seductive, she's got an outer shell that's as tough as it is beautiful. She rides her black BMW motorcycle at speeds of no less than 100 mph. What is she running from? What is her secret?

Alex Cross and Jezzie Flanagan are about to have a forbidden love affair-at the worst possible time for both of them. Because Gary Soneji, who wants to commit the "crime of the century," is playing at the top of his game. Soneji has outsmarted the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police. Who will be his next victim?

Gary Soneji is every parent's worst nightmare. He has become Alex Cross's nightmare. And now, reader, he's about to become yours.


  • I am very impressed

    By Sleepless in Chicago 2012
    I wasn’t big into reading until I came across JP on the book shelves. I thought he was just one of those authors that wrote nine hundred page books and only had thirty chapters but I still bought it anyway. And I was hooked like a Fish! The man has class and knows how to drive a book and it’s characters to the brink! Will definitely read again.
  • Excellent story

    By DMD TX
    Excellent story. Good character development, and I look forward to the following stories with Detective Cross. Only complaint is that the gratuitous sex was unnecessary; cheapened the story in my opinion.
  • Along came a spider

    By nanabonnie67
    This Book is just like all the other Books James Patterson has written about the character Alex Cross was very nice to read and it had so many twists and turns it kept you guessing. I love all of his books
  • Suspense at its best

    By PapaJoeKo
    Well told suspense novel. Unfortunately I figured it out early. Still I liked the books plot and characters were well described.
  • Another fascinating demon

    By and investment advisor
    James Patterson is one of the best at creating these fascinating demons and showing you what’s going on in their head. I always find them to be Intriguing and haunting creatures.
  • Dang!

    By gliterkittenisdope
    Not a love story. Eyes wide open. Dang.
  • A great read!

    By BJewellD
    Couldn’t stop reading. What a great book.
  • Very creepy but YET very ShOcKiNg👻

    By papayasmemes
    I seen le movie and the book. When the girl sees the teacher as she dug her fingernails in his face in la movie. I was hysterically screaming😱 DeAmOn tEaChEr rUn 4 uR LiVeS oR YOull bE CaUgHT. I gotta say it’s bad for young aged like this: 10-1. I say along came a spider is a good book for fans who like creepeh. But RePeAT tHIs iF uR ReAdInG tHiS: I WiLl OnLY ReAD ThE BoOk 1sT CaUse DeAmON TeAChER IsH CrEePEHeR In ThE MoVIe CaUse ThEY SHOw A SPOoPy👻👻👻 IMaGe. Anyways if yo thirdteen reading this I suggest don’t read it at noight because you’ll get a weirder feeling that the person who kidnapped la gurl ish gonna Pop out and kidnap you. LoL anyways I watched the movie with 4 girls and 4 boys as a sleepover. We all got scared so now I had to sleep with a hockeystick. I am gonna say: ThE BoOk iSh VeRY SpOoPy TiMEs 4 BuT ThE MoVIe ISh BEtA 2 WaTCh WIth COmpaNy CaUsE iF sOmEOnE BrEAks In LA HOuSe U CAn EsCApE😬😬😬. BaK to la book: it’s very spoopy and thrilling along came. A a spider 🕷is a good book for a good scare and some shawcking news😱😱😱😱😱. LoL I am a VSCO gurl and I Readed the whole BoOK. It’s very GOoD I SAY JAMes 4 ThINGS 2 SaY. 1! Make more spoopy books maybe a kuchisake-onna BoOK. 2! WhEN WiLl ThEY MAKe a AlONg CAme A SpIDER ESCape ROOm? 3! MAKE MORE BOOKS I BEG YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU😭😭😭 4! SpOoPy VsCo GuRLs ArE LE NeW VsCo GUrl ThEY R FrEINDS OF E-GIRls. AND!!!!! 2 more things😂😂😂😂😂. 1. SKSKSKSSKSKKSSKKSSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK AND I ALONG CAME A SPIDER OOP AND I ALONG CAME A SPIDER OOP. 2. ALONG CAME A SPIDER WILL BE YO SPOOPY NIGHTEMAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TAKEEEEEEEE THATEEEEEE THENNNNNNNNN
  • Fine

    By twhuff
    A good read but very racist towards white people which is equally as offensive when used against any people.
  • Along Came A Spider

    By Felici0u5
    Great story, fast read. However I noticed a few typos through out the book.. a slight distraction.