Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy

Red Storm Rising

By Tom Clancy

  • Release Date: 1986-08-07
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 1,442 Ratings


From the author of the Jack Ryan series comes an electrifying #1 New York Times bestseller—a standalone military thriller that envisions World War 3...

A chillingly authentic vision of modern war, Red Storm Rising is as powerful as it is ambitious. Using the latest advancements in military technology, the world's superpowers battle on land, sea, and air for ultimate global control. It is a story you will never forget. Hard-hitting. Suspenseful. And frighteningly real.

“Harrowing...tense...a chilling ring of truth.”—TIME


  • Best Clancy Book

    By BPS112000
    I have read almost all of Tom Clancy’s books and this is my favorite by far! It has all of his normal tendencies to incorporate real military tactics and hardware while explaining most of it to the reader who isn’t up to snuff on their military doctrine. My biggest hope is that someone like Netflix or Amazon picks up the rights to the book and makes a 10-12 episode miniseries with each episode being between 1-1.5 hours as this book is so dense with information that anything less would leave out too much to are it enjoyable for those of us that have read the book. If you enjoy military thrillers do yourself a favor and pick this book up, you will blow right through it even though its pretty long. I have read it 4 times now and each time its taken me less than a week to go through it. My favorite Clancy book, and thats saying something as he has so many great ones, Hunt for Red October being a close second. Trust me, this is a must read!!
  • Red Storm

    By davidsm11
    Red Storm. Some of the names and titles were hard to keep up with. That made it more realistic. Great book.
  • Humm

    By Bedbugman
    Seems to be lacking toward the end
  • Superbly engrossing.

    By aikenlipiddoc
    Addicting military action, though keeping the characters straight was a bit of an inconvenience—but certainly a must. Thoroughly enjoyable, believably frightening, CLASSIC Tom Clancy. 5 stars, for certain.
  • A remarkable book would highly recommend

    By !!!!!!?$
    This book starts out slow but man does it get exciting! Had a hard time getting into it then couldn’t put it down.
  • Thrilling and exciting read

    By Johnhyman
    Thrilling and exciting read with several ever-changing stories and perspectives. Fantastic weaving of events and descriptions of technology.
  • 4th Time

    By TxDogstar
    Red Storm Rising is a great read and Clancy at his best. I read this book the first time in my early 20’s and continue go back to it and get more out of it each time I read it.
  • Red Storm Rising

    By GuitarDann
    Always has been my favorite over many great stories written by Mr. Clancy. Thanks to him I know so much more of the job my father had for 26 years. He was an Air Force NCO crypto operator in the embassies in Yugoslavia & Spain, ‘52 to ‘56 & ‘58 to ‘61, respectively, and the Sarge-in-Charge in The Hole @ High Wycombe Air Station from ‘66 to ‘69. Mars was rising & my dad was one of the many heroes of the Cold War, as was my Mom, who raised us under the shadow of that war. I have great love & respect for my mom & my dad, thanks to Mr. Clancy I have understanding. I was the oldest of 5 & I was present & a witness to all the bravery & steadfast dedication of all the heroes of that war.
  • Red Storm Rising... has still got it!!

    By vmaq2
    I read this book way back in the 80's when it first came out and just finished rereading it today. This book has still got it!! Great story, fast paced, very detailed technothriller from the master of the technothriller and with a few modifications it could very well happen today... all the key factors are still there... Muslim terrorists attack, causing severe economic damage to a major power that then feels the need to take what it needs to survive causing a war that takes us right to the edge of the abyss... Why this was never made into a movie or better yet a mini series on HBO or some other type channel is beyond me... I've always enjoyed Tom Clancy books and this one rates for me at the top of all his writing!! Give it another read, I'm sure you'll agree!!!
  • Not bad

    By wildchild2644
    Overall it's a good book I thought. It dose get repetitive however. Most of it is about searching for enemy contacts on radar every other chapter, The ending was a little rushed, but still held my attention to the end.