The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett

The Light Fantastic

By Terry Pratchett

  • Release Date: 2009-10-13
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 319 Ratings


“Humorously entertaining. . . subtly thought-provoking. . . . Pratchett’s Discworld books are filled with humor and with magic, but they're rooted in—of all things—real life and cold, hard reason.”—Chicago Tribune

Bumbling wizard Rincewind and hapless tourist Twoflower have survived a host of misadventures . . . only to face annihilation as a red star hurtles towards the Discworld in this gloriously funny second installment in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series (also the second book in the Wizards collection)

It’s just one of those days when nothing seems to go right—and a most inopportune time for the first tourist ever to set foot in Discworld—accompanied by the carnivorous Luggage—to extend his already eventful vacation, even if it’s not quite by choice. A monstrous red star is on a direct collision course with the Discworld and the future appears uncertain at best.

Discworld needs a hero to save it from total destruction. Unfortunately, it’s got the bumbling Rincewind, still recovering from the trauma of falling off the edge of the world. The alternative couldn’t be much worse. . . .

The Discworld novels can be read in any order, but the other books in the Wizards collection include:
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  • what missing “chapter?"

    By Melusine of Trenton
    So far as I have seen, most of the Discworld books are not written in chapters. Can anyone tell me what part is supposedly missing? (Page numbers are also not useful because people read iBooks in different font sizes.) I just read this book for the first time a few weeks ago (I’ve been bingeing on Discworld novels; just started Small Gods) and I didn’t see any sign that something was left out. Maybe they’ve corrected the problem?
  • Awesome book

    By Carsal98
    Fantastic read. Even better than the first.
  • Beware

    By Glitchy-Gee
    Indeed there is a missing chapter
  • Confirmed, chapter missing

    By Tymester
    Let me just reiterate what's already been said: a full chapter is missing right from the middle of the book, and then some more. I'm now very wary of buying anything from this store, lest i have to spend the same amount a second time on the Kindle store just to learn who's that Cohen they're… Terrible disappointment.
  • Missing a chapter!

    By McVador
    The actual book is really, really good, a 5 star literary adventure of epic hilarity, wisdom, and wit. But the version I downloaded is missing a big chunk of the book! Luckily, I had the real hardcopy to compare with and it didn't take me long to realize what was going on. It's weird because they both have the same number of pages (241) but the pages aren't "in synch" at all. Apple, please fix this now, This is the first book I bought from here and so it's hard for me to trust reading books you scan in... I love the interface but no interface can make up for missing content! So, the real book gets 5 stars, but this version only gets 1... I'm sorry Terry, but I'm sure you understand!