Sandstorm - James Rollins


By James Rollins

  • Release Date: 2009-10-13
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 943 Ratings


More heart-stopping action and suspense from the bestselling author of Amazonia and Subterranean. . . . “Rollins writes with intelligence, clarity, and a refreshing sense of humor.”—Kirkus Reviews

In his five previous thrillers, James Rollins, the king of speculative adventure writing, has taken readers on mind-expanding journeys spanning from the top of the world to deep within the earth’s surface. In this latest voyage of imagination combining hard science with explosive page-turning excitement—his most breathtaking yet—he explores the mysterious sands of the Arabian peninsula.

Twenty years ago, a wealthy British financier disappeared near Ubar, the fabled lost city buried beneath the sands of Oman. Now, an expedition of scientists, led by the financier’s daughter, is finally setting off for the legendary metropolist to unlock the desert’s secrets. What they find, however, is more beautiful than they ever dreamed—and far deadlier. Within Ubar is a powerful energy source that could fuel the entire earth above—if it can be harnessed. But before they can resurface, the explorers become trapped. For the same life-giving force that can save the world is about to set off a giant, sweeping storm awesome enough to annihilate everything in its wake . . .


  • Good not great

    By Cashoom
    Good escape. Wonk science. Gets a little repetitive and cheesy on the romance.
  • Enter SIGMA Force!

    By TheRealMarvinJR
    What was supposed to be a stand alone action-thriller, this series takes readers on an amazing thrill ride into history, mystery, science, and of course action. Now if you don't know what SIGMA Force is, its basically a group of former special forces soldiers that have been trained and/or posses skills in some form of scientific discipline. As the author would put it, they are scientists with guns! In this first installment we get to see the beginnings of now SIGMA Director Painter Crowe when he was just a field agent. We get our first glimpse of The Guild, the main enemy of SIMGA and unlike SIMGA who's job it is to protect the world from advanced forms of technology from falling into the wrong hands, The Guild is out for profit. Sandstorm is a fun ride into the Arabian Peninsula to the lost city of Ubar. Taking mystery backed by scientific reasoning, the two blend so well. From static sandstorms, to antimatter, to people being burned alive in liquid glass, this book delivers with a punch. I even learned what a buckyball was! lol If you're new to the SIGMA Series, here's your starting point. Have fun!
  • The action scenes are full of absurdities

    By BluesHarpist
    Before writing a book that involves the military, authors need to consider how many combat veterans are out there now. Still, you don’t have to be a combat veteran to realize what an absurd idea it would be to have small one-man helicopters and mortars used effectively in a swirling sandstorm capable of producing 80mph winds and toppling buildings. Then you have non-military things that just aren’t accurate. I would expect more accuracy in describing the characteristics of a carpet viper from an author who is also a veterinarian. While much of the story is not meant to be taken as remotely possible, I believe that the above mentioned things are. Nevertheless, I will give the book 2 stars since it could have otherwise been a fun read. My rating system: 5 stars are reserved for books that totally blow me away, or classics that I believe would have when they were new. I don’t give too many of these out, because it’s the highest rating that you could ever possibly give any book on here. 4 stars for books that I would recommend to just about anyone, or, at least, to someone who doesn’t dislike the genre. 3 stars for books that I would only recommend to someone who is fond of the genre. 2 stars for books that I would be hesitant to recommend to anyone at all, but the book was not a total disaster. 1 star for books that I found so terribly ridiculous, or poorly written, that I wish I had not spent time reading to begin with.
  • Foo

    By JacobTheDane
  • Awesome

    By Ohyeahfun
    This Sigma series but James Rollins is going to be a great action series. Special ops with an internationl spin and loads of action. Great characters with an awesome plot makes for really entertaining and fun reading. Very hard to put down !
  • Sandstorm

    By Clymack
    I usually read to help me go to sleep. Rollins is a poor choice to that end. Once I start, I just don't want to put it down. Great detail and character development with lots of action. Very entertaining.
  • Sandstorm

    By Sugarpops momm
    After reading bone labyrinth , I read Sandstorm, I couldn't put it down!
  • Sandstorm

    By 1BMac57
    Adventurous Fun Read
  • Love James Rollins

    By Bugsycmalone
    Historical fiction with science fiction brilliant author. James Rollins keeps me at the edge of my seat. I often read his books in just one sitting.
  • Sandstorm

    By CC in BOI
    Mr. Rollins books pull you into the story and keep the storyline and action rolling without a dull moment. Another very good read and interesting insights and details about the locations the story takes place in.