The Horse and His Boy - C. S. Lewis

The Horse and His Boy

By C. S. Lewis

  • Release Date: 2009-10-06
  • Genre: Fantasy for Kids
Score: 4.5
From 441 Ratings


Illustrations in this ebook appear in vibrant full color on a full-color ebook device and in rich black and white on all other devices.

Narnia . . . where horses talk . . . where treachery is brewing . . . where destiny awaits.

On a desperate journey, two runaways meet and join forces. Though they are only looking to escape their harsh and narrow lives, they soon find themselves at the center of a terrible battle. It is a battle that will decide their fate and the fate of Narnia itself.

The Horse and His Boy is the third book in C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, a series that has become part of the canon of classic literature, drawing readers of all ages into a magical land with unforgettable characters for over sixty years. This is a novel that stands on its own, but if you would like to return to Narnia, read Prince Caspian, the fourth book in The Chronicles of Narnia.


  • Mahalo

    By 808maui420
    Great book!
  • Disappointing

    By Benji4291
    I just couldn’t really get into this book. A lot of names and very hard to comprehend and understand.
  • Beautiful all the way through

    By ESTHERfaithLOVESit
    This is my favorite book in the series! All of the characters are so perfect... Shasta, as curious and kind as ever, Aravis, so confident, brave, and caring, Bree the talking horse, so proud and yet humble and respectful, and Hwin... good ol’ Hwin. That horse is so gentle, kind and she’s especially smart! And finally, the beautiful yet terrifying, loving and wild, Great Lion Aslan, our TRUE hero. Like in all the books, He is there with our journeyers always, and this is the book that we learn that He really is! That one moment in this book where Aslan meets Shasta atop the foggy mountain and talks with him is probably the one of the most symbolic meetings in the whole CON. (The others are when Aslan meets with the Dragon Eustace in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and when He meets with Lucy in the forest of dancing trees in Prince Caspian, and of course, when Aslan is walking up to the Stone Table very sadly and He meets Susan and Lucy there and they walk with Him in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.)
  • Great read

    By Whitneyaggie
    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. - Whitney (mom of 2, 30 years old)
  • Awesome

    By K1216
    Makes me want to go to Narnia
  • Terriffic!

    By schwabe family
    GREAT new chareters with enthueation!
  • yeah

    By gvbbgfytuh
  • Amazing

    By Frshy
    I just couldn't stop reading it 😀
  • Good

    By Funlly boring
    It was a very good book but i didn't read the books before it.
  • Best when read in order

    By browneyes01
    This is a really good story, just be sure to read it as the third book of the series, it will make much more sense. I first tried to read it as stand-alone, not knowing it came after magician's nephew and the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe in CON. Once I read those, this one was easier to understand. One of the best series ever, everyone should read it, young or old!