Tattoos & Tequila - Vince Neil & Mike Sager

Tattoos & Tequila

By Vince Neil & Mike Sager

  • Release Date: 2010-09-23
  • Genre: Music
Score: 4
From 182 Ratings


"So where do we start? I remember when we did The Dirt, the Mötley Crüe book, I was interviewed at The Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills. A lot of people think I didn't get to say much in The Dirt. It's probably true. I didn't read it. I'm not that big a talker. Some people can f*ckin' talk ... eat up all the oxygen in a room in no time flat. I don't tend to run my mouth. It's b*llshit. All those years in rehab and counseling--the talking cure? I can't say I really got that much out of it. All that cure and I should be cured by now, don't you think? All this talking...

So forgive me if it's a bit hard for me to slice open a vein and let my blood run red all over this page for you. I'll fight you or I'll f*ck you but chances are I'll be hard pressed to sit there and talk to you.

War stories. War wounds. I know, I know. Old rock stars fall hard. I'm forty-nine years old. I'm five-foot-nine, 170. The spandex is over. I've had three plastic surgeries. Still, who do you think gets laid more, me or you? But time does change a man. I ain't twenty-one anymore.

It's a miracle we survived at all. A bottle of Jack Daniel's and uncooked hot dogs do not make for a particularly well-balanced diet. We are all very lucky we didn't kill ourselves. It might look like we were trying to do that but speaking for myself, death was never my intent. I just wanted to feel good, you know? I was just looking for that kick, that high...

These days I've got businesses to run. I like the action. Something to get your heart pumping. Healthier than a syringe full of cocaine powder like I was doing back in '81 with my girlfriend Lovey, that's for sure...

But you got to admit...those days are a lot more fun to talk about..."


  • Big Fan

    By Hammer on!
    Great book. I had a hard time putting it down. For someone that doesn't like to read I loved it.
  • Vince Neil: Tattoos and Tequila

    By Thuanne71
    Interesting read, not as good or as well written as The Dirt or Heroin Dairies...Vince Neil comes off as a very arrogant person, sometimes seeming never have come to terms with his alcoholism. His heartbreaking story of the death of his young child is very endearing. Just because he was a frontman for a very successful glam rock band doesn't mean he should still be such a cocky person till this day. It takes all band members to be successful yet the vibe he emits is like Mötley Crüe would be nothing without him.
  • Crüe fan

    By Yankeews
    A must for every Motley Crüe fan.Vince is the heart and soul of this band.It was always obvious.Even though Kiss is my band Motley Crüe is a close second.Just saw them recently and I had the same excitement 20 years ago for the Crüe.I believe this book was an honest account of Motley Crüe along with Vince.Keep rockin Vince. I give this book 10 stars because it sounded like everybody wasbjust being honest talking in their living room
  • Tattoos & Tequila

    By iThinkiThought
    Decent read, "Whorts" & all. Vince Neil has had an Epic but scary ride. Will bring some clarity to the wannabes & shock the neverbeens! I will say Vince Neil is honest, if hypocritical, yet quite evidently sincere. Kudos Vince! It had to be told...
  • A

    By Gauge1
    I'm a big Motley Crue fan but if you have read The Dirt you basically have read this book with a few new stories. I expected more.
  • Great book

    By Detox Ledouche
    I don't have the attention span to even read most books but this is a great one and holds my mild case of add in check. Love it from the moment I started reading it and can't put it down!