Guards! Guards! - Terry Pratchett

Guards! Guards!

By Terry Pratchett

  • Release Date: 2009-03-17
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 299 Ratings


Welcome to Guards! Guards!, the eighth book in Terry Pratchett’s legendary Discworld series.

Long believed extinct, a superb specimen of draco nobilis ("noble dragon" for those who don't understand italics) has appeared in Discworld's greatest city. Not only does this unwelcome visitor have a nasty habit of charbroiling everything in its path, in rather short order it is crowned King (it is a noble dragon, after all...). How did it get there? How is the Unique and Supreme Lodge of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night involved? Can the Ankh-Morpork City Watch restore order – and the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork to power?

Magic, mayhem, and a marauding dragon...who could ask for anything more?


  • Wonderful Jaunt. Also- Footnotes!

    By audiblescholar
    Lovely and worth every moment flying through its giggle-inducing pages. Fleet Admiral: your two star review is in error. The footnotes are there, in the back of the book. They are hyperlinked, so you only need to tap on one and it will automatically show up for you. You may then resume your reading from where you left off. Do change your rating, please.
  • The Beginning

    By G. Gerard
    This is the first of the city watch story arcs with the story of Capt Sam Vimes, and the young constable Carrot. Pratchett's observation of human foibles is accurate, intriguing, and hilarious. This is one of my favourite Disc World novels with satire, humour, and pithy observations. And as usual, Pratchett turns the usual fairy tales on their head and gives them a twist we can cheer for!
  • Does not make any sense

    By Igor emt
    This book very mundane written. I would not compare it to his earliest works of which I am fond but thru the book i was getting feeling that it was written by somebody else. It does not look like him. The language is poor, the sentences does not make any connections. And you know what I would like to see at least some graphics in it. What kind of story is it with no illustrations.
  • Where are the footnotes?!?!

    By Fleet Admiral
    This was my first book by Terry Pratchett, and definitely a gateway book into the discworld series, even if it's not the first discworld book. I couldn't put it down. While that sounds canned (cause it is) it is actually true but with a paper version. I downloaded the trial version...and could not locate the footnotes which are imperative to Terry Pratchett books this one does not go deeper into what L-space is because that information is IN THE FOOTNOTE! Maybe if I'm shown where the footnote is located I'd buy the full version. Seems like a bad PDF copy of the book (which also omits the footnotes). Till they are there, I'll go find the paperback ($6.99) retail!