The Last Stand - Nathaniel Philbrick

The Last Stand

By Nathaniel Philbrick

  • Release Date: 2010-05-04
  • Genre: U.S. History
Score: 4
From 317 Ratings


"An engrossing and tautly written account of a critical chapter in American history." --Los Angeles Times

Nathaniel Philbrick, author of In the Hurricane's Eye, Pulitzer Prize finalist Mayflower, and Valiant Ambition, is a historian with a unique ability to bring history to life. The Last Stand is Philbrick's monumental reappraisal of the epochal clash at the Little Bighorn in 1876 that gave birth to the legend of Custer's Last Stand. Bringing a wealth of new information to his subject, as well as his characteristic literary flair, Philbrick details the collision between two American icons- George Armstrong Custer and Sitting Bull-that both parties wished to avoid, and brilliantly explains how the battle that ensued has been shaped and reshaped by national myth.


  • The Last Stand is detailed, well-researched, & interesting

    By RedwoodBear
    The detail afforded in this book is quite impressive. It might be a bit graphic for some, but that's the way events really happened. I hated hearing about the wholesale slaughter of innocent horses and mules even more than the slaughter of the combatants. They, after all, knew what they were trying to accomplish. This is a disgusting portrayal of the treatment the whites forced on the Native Americans and we can only hope a few, vital lessons were learned that we can apply to places like Rwanda and other sites of wholesale slaughter. May the spirits forgive us.
  • A great read

    By Red Oak
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I could not put it down. So much detail around the characters which fills in all the gaps of the simple story we were taught in school. It was my first via IBooks. I never thought I'd enjoy the e-book experience as much as I did. We'll done Apple.
  • Horrible

    By Lawlak
    Why the author thinks anyone would care about his point of view on the current wars is beyond me. I paid money to learn about events that occurred over 100 years ago, not today's events.
  • No photos poor maps good book

    By Chief201
    Great book. Research was excellent. One of the best books I've read on the Little Big Horn. Where were the photos, and the maps were nearly impossible to read. Had to use a magnifying glass. Otherwise five stars.
  • .

    By GBBiii
    This book is the third I have read on the subject. Best account of the battle yet!
  • Outstanding Work!!

    By Jakerse
    This book is well researched, with a massive amount of citations using primary source material. Excellent narrative of the closing of the American Frontier, utilizing two of history's least understood lightning rods.
  • Good book, disappointing iBook edition

    By Cheka1917
    The book is highly reviewed and seemed to be a natural for iBooks... My disappointment first happened when trying to read labels inside the maps which are just too small and can't be enlarged... Reading the map descriptors is necessary for following the text, but viewable only with strain and effort... why so? At least in the Kindle app for iPad images can be enlarged, but not so in iBooks. I second other comments about the absence of photos... why are not we entitled to the full content of the published edition? Not recommend until fixed...
  • Fantastic

    By WinOsc
    Well done!
  • The Last Stand

    By charliec75
    It's a shame and disappointment that photos are not included in the electronic version of this well written and documented history. Philbrick's analysis and interpretation of the events leading to battle and aftermath provide an insightful description of the clash of cultures and human frailties and strengths. It's an engrossing read.
  • Not the same as printed version

    By elj123
    While I'm sure this is an excellent read, this version of the book doesn't contain any of the photos that are in the print version. Don't buy it here if you expect the complete book.