Complete Prose Works by Walt Whitman - Walt Whitman

Complete Prose Works by Walt Whitman

By Walt Whitman

  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Genre: Classics


Table of Contents:

Specimen Days
A Happy Hour's Command
Answer to an Insisting Friend
Genealogy--Van Velsor and Whitman
The Old Whitman and Van Velsor Cemeteries
The Maternal Homestead
Two Old Family Interiors
Paumanok, and My Life on It As Child and Young Man
My First Reading--Lafayette
Printing Office--Old Brooklyn
My Passion for Ferries
Broadway Sights
Omnibus Jaunts and Drivers
Plays and Operas Too
Through Eight Years
Sources of Character--Results--1860
Opening of the Secession War
National Uprising and Volunteering
Contemptuous Feeling
Battle of Bull Run, July, 1861
The Stupor Passes--Something Else Begins
Down at the Front
After First Fredericksburg
Back to Washington
Fifty Hours Left Wounded on the Field
Hospital Scenes and Persons
Patent-Office Hospital
The White House by Moonlight
An Army Hospital Ward
A Connecticut Case
Two Brooklyn Boys
A Secesh Brave
The Wounded from Chancellorsville
A Night Battle Over a Week Since
Unnamed Remains the Bravest Soldier
Some Specimen Cases
My Preparations for Visits
Ambulance Processions
Bad Wounds--The Young
The Most Inspiriting of All War's Shows
Battle of Gettysburg
A Cavalry Camp
A New York Soldier
Home-Made Music
Abraham Lincoln
Heated Term
Soldiers and Talks
Death of a Wisconsin Officer
Hospitals Ensemble
A Silent Night Ramble
Spiritual Characters Among the Soldiers
Cattle Droves About Washington
Hospital Perplexity
Down at the Front
Paying the Bounties
Rumors, Changes, Etc
Summer of 1864
A New Army Organization Fit for America
Death of a Hero
Hospital Scenes--Incidents
A Yankee Soldier
Union Prisoners South
A Glimpse of War's Hell-Scenes
Items from My Note Books
A Case from Second Bull Run
Army Surgeons--Aid Deficiencies
The Blue Everywhere
A Model Hospital
Boys in the Army
Burial of a Lady Nurse
Female Nurses for Soldiers
Southern Escapees
The Capitol by Gas-Light
The Inauguration
Attitude of Foreign Governments During the War
The Weather--Does It Sympathize with These Times?
Inauguration Ball
Scene at the Capitol
A Yankee Antique
Wounds and Diseases
Death of President Lincoln
Sherman's Army's Jubilation--Its Sudden Stoppage
No Good Portrait of Lincoln
Releas'd Union Prisoners from South
Death of a Pennsylvania Soldier
The Armies Returning
The Grand Review
Western Soldiers
A Soldier on Lincoln
Two Brothers, One South, One North
Some Sad Cases Yet
Calhoun's Real Monument
Hospitals Closing
Typical Soldiers
Three Years Summ'd Up
The Million Dead, Too, Summ'd Up
The Real War Will Never Get in the Books
An Interregnum Paragraph
New Themes Entered Upon
Entering a Long Farm-Lane
To the Spring and Brook
An Early Summer Reveille
Birds Migrating at Midnight
Summer Sights and Indolencies
Sundown Perfume--Quailnotes--The Hermit-Thrush
A July After-Noon by the Pond
Locusts and Katy-Dids
The Lesson of a Tree
Autumn Side-Bits
The Sky--Days and Nights--Happiness
Colors--A Contrast
November 8, '76
Crows and Crows
A Winter Day on the Sea-Beach
Sea-Shore Fancies
In Memory of Thomas Paine
A Two Hours Ice-Sail
Spring Overtures--Recreations
One of the Human Kinks
An Afternoon Scene
The Gates Opening
The Common Earth, the Soil
Birds and Birds and Birds
Full-Starr'd Nights
Mulleins and Mulleins
Distant Sounds
A Sun-Bath-Nakedness
The Oaks and I
A Quintette
The First Frost--Mems
Three Young Men