The Graveyard Rats and Other Stories - Henry Kuttner

The Graveyard Rats and Other Stories

By Henry Kuttner

  • Release Date: 2010-03-31
  • Genre: Short Stories


Old Masson had a secret-- One of Salem's oldest and most decrepit cemeteries was put in Old Masson's charge, but he didn't mind--he was more than sufficiently compensated by the treasures the newly departed wholeheartedly offered him. Unfortunately, he always seemed to have to work harder to earn his keep, for he had an unusual rival to match: rats! The critters, large as cats, often took whole bodies out of the coffins and into some dark, sinister place--where it is rumored that ghouls and evil creatures worse than the rats dwell. Old Masson never worried, though; these were, after all, just rumors--and they were, after all, just rats. Or were they? Also contains the stories: THE EGO MACHINE, WHERE THE WORLD IS QUIET, PROBLEM WITH ETHICS, WHAT HATH ME?, and the classic HOME IS THE HUNTER.