Not Dead & Not for Sale - Scott Weiland

Not Dead & Not for Sale

By Scott Weiland

  • Release Date: 2011-05-17
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4
From 422 Ratings


In the early 1990s, Stone Temple Pilots—not U2, not Nirvana, not Pearl Jam— was the hottest band in the world. STP toppled such mega-bands as Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses on MTV and the Billboard charts. Lead singer Scott Weiland became an iconic front man in the tradition of Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Robert Plant.

Then, when STP imploded, it was Weiland who emerged as the emblem of rock star excess, with his well-publicized drug busts and trips to rehab. Weiland has since made a series of stunning comebacks, fronting the supergroup Velvet Revolver, releasing solo work, and, most recently, reuniting with Stone Temple Pilots. He still struggles with the bottle, but he has prevailed as a loving, dedicated father, as well as a business-savvy artist whose well of creativity is far from empty.

These earthling papers explore Weiland’s early years as an altar boy right along with his first experiences with sex and drugs. Weiland discusses his complex relationships with his parents, stepfather, siblings, and the love of his life, Mary Forsberg Weiland. Readers learn the fascinating stories behind his most well-known songs and what it was like to be there at the beginning of the grunge phenomenon, as Rolling Stone proclaimed on its cover: “the year punk broke.” Not Dead & Not for Sale is a hard rock memoir to be reckoned with—a passionate, insightful, and at times humorous book that reads with extraordinary narrative force.


  • Not Dead & Not for Sale - Scott Weiland

    By Kill Your MastersXX
    MUST READ!!! For Scott Weiland fans! Very well put together. Flowed well. Lots of vulnerability in this book. Lots of Scott in this book. 5 STARS! RIP SW
  • Thank you Scott we miss you

    By Dvdmd14
    I wish he could of made through his dark days. I appreciate him opening up his life to us. I wish he could of gone a little deeper but I respect his privacy. His wife and him had a crazy journey together and wish them could of made it out together but happy his wife made it out in the right track. I think if Scott could got through with her they would be still together. Thank you for all the great music you gave us Scott.
  • Intriguing, personal, raw- fast read

    By cherrychris
    I loved this book. Some reviews complain that it's "too much love"...or "pointless"..."not enough rock and roll". I am unsure what those people thought they were reading but true SW fans already know; love and passion was a huge part of who Scott was; what drove him lyrically as well as what drove his decisions- passion takes several forms in this biography- music, relationships, addiction..... This isn't a book solely about STP. This is about Scott's life and his musical endeavors to include but not limited to STP. If you are a true Weiland fan this is a biography for you. It's a very fast read. My only "complaint" is- I wish there was more.... More Scott and more biography.... RIP - you are incredibly missed.
  • Loved this book!

    By Kate129
    Real, raw and emotional. Been a fan of Scott and STP for over 20 years. His story is agonizing and heart felt, captivating. A must read. RIP Scott
  • Great read,Great singer

    By Hjordan1
    After reading some of the reviews on this book, I felt compelled to write a comment in response to other people who seem to think STP was not a significant band. Another reviewer compared Core to Achtung Baby. U2, though a great band has mostly been pop-rock whereas Core was considered an alternative album when it came out. I think STP is historically significant group that is just very different in musical style than U2.
  • A Good Read, A Dynamic Life, Limitless Passion

    By crashhhhhh
    Not Dead & Not for Sale is a good read. A quick read. An easy read. Through his eyes, Scott's life is glorious and painful, but Mercury's rising. Even in the depths, as long as we're breathing and there's desire to get clean, there's always hope. While some of this borders on self-indulgent retrospection, I don't think it gets there. I think it's an example of an honest reflection, to the best of his recollection. I read this right after reading Fall to Pieces. What passion. I wish Scott and Mary and their families all the best. Godspeed.
  • Truly amazing!

    By Coolness number one gamer
    I've never read an autobiography this detailed ever in my life. This is truly an amazing life story. Scott Weiland has a truly entertaining and dramatic life story. Scott Weiland is to be acknowledged for his arts and talents.
  • Not Dead and Not For Sale

    By Lexi A H
    I absolutely love this book! I downloaded this last year and never got around to reading it until a few months ago. I read this in literally one night. I'm a huge Scott Weiland/STP fan, so I really enjoyed the story and I thought it was interesting how he talked about his wives, song inspiration, family and personal life, and life changing experiences. It's a very phenomenal story. Best $12 I've spent on a book!
  • Just Aweful

    By Bdp99
    Boring & Pointless. Left me with less than what I started with.
  • Great and disappointing

    By Sick love songs
    A look at the life of a true music legend that leaves many stones unturned. Many details seem to be left out or hardly touched. I would have loved much more details and stories from his life with his bands and ex wives but perhaps this book is meant to be like Scott's life, fast and haphazard. If you are a fan though it is well worth the cover price to enter into the Not Dead & Not for Sale lounge and see a part that could only be shown by Scott himself.