Angelina - Andrew Morton


By Andrew Morton

  • Release Date: 2010-07-31
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 3.5
From 237 Ratings


The gripping true story of Angelina Jolie, from #1 New York Times bestselling biographer Andrew Morton.

"I like to collect knives," says Angelina Jolie, "but I also collect first edition books." At first glance, she might seem to be someone without any secrets, talking openly about her love life, sexual preferences, drug use, cutting, and tattoos--and why she kissed her brother on the lips in public. And yet mysteries remain: What was really going on in her brief, impulsive marriages to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, and what was going on in her partnership with Brad Pitt? What's behind the oft-reported feud with her father, the Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight? What drove her to become a mother of six children in six years? And—perhaps most puzzling of all—what about the other side of Angelina: How did this talented but troubled young actress, barely 35 years old, become a respected Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations as well as the "most powerful celebrity in the world" (unseating Oprah Winfrey) on Forbes' 2009 Celebrity 100 list?

The answers that Andrew Morton has uncovered are astonishing, taking us deep inside Angelina's world to show us what shaped her as a child, as an actress, and as a woman struggling to overcome personal demons that have never before been revealed. In this spellbinding biography, Andrew Morton draws upon far-reaching original interviews and research, accompanied by exclusive private photographs, to show us the true story behind both the wild excesses of Angelina's youth and her remarkable work with children and victims of poverty and disaster today.


  • Too much talking - get to Angelina already!

    By Tigerlily T
    While this book is rich in information, the author spent so much time talking about Angelina's parents and relatives - about half of the book - that I almost quit reading it. When he finally did start talking about her, it was very interesting.
  • Why does this show I didn't pay for this book.

    By iBitchy
    I already have paid for this book, so where is my full copy?
  • Angelina

    By pamelia potter
    Morton judgmental book on this actress is nothing more than a recount of what the tabloids have printed. If the reader expects to really know about Jolie ........they will be disappointed.
  • Angelina

    By Wilfra
    Nothing but tabloid journalism in book form. This is the trashiest "biography" I've ever read. Jolie should sue Andrew Morton.
  • Angelina

    By RubyDodd
    Very boring! Badly written. I expected so much more from Andrew Morton.
  • Confusing

    By sailkitty
    Poorly written hard to follow- not enough photos to complete story
  • Angelina

    By Girl410S
    Overall, this book was distressing to read. Though I'm not certain how much of it is based in truth, I know some truth does exist in these pages. Why the author felt we the public desired to know much of what is revealed in this book is beyond my reasoning capabilities. It would have been a triumph of good sense had I put his book down at the first signs of gentle warnings from my maker. As one who strives to seek after that which is praiseworthy and of good report, I failed miserably as I continued to turn each page. I am riddled with guilt for having taken into my mind such a wild collection of deplorable actions and attitudes. I am not certain who troubles me more at this moment, Angelina or Andrew Morton. The author gives me no reason to praise his efforts. I feel as if I have violated some unwritten law of human decency. Angelina's life is her own, and though I in no way condone her lifestyle, I greatly revere free agency. I strive to respect others' privacy as well. I sincerely hope and pray I will practice more discipline when selecting my next book. This choice was greatly uninformed as it was my first ebook. I do NOT recommend it, nor do I plan to discuss any details should the opportunity arise.