What Happens After Death? - United Church of God

What Happens After Death?

By United Church of God

  • Release Date: 2010-08-20
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 4
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What really happens at death? Why do we even have to die? Can we actually know whether there is life beyond the grave? Where can we go for meaningful, believable answers? Only the Creator of life can reveal its purpose and the state of the dead. By looking into the Word of God for answers to our questions, we can learn a great deal about both life and death. This booklet will take a look at what God, our Creator, says about life and death in His inspired Word, the Bible. You may be both surprised and challenged as you discover the truth about what happens after death!


  • Cool story but absolutely heart breaking

    By hollywood 27
    Focusing on the Life after death issue, if we are to be burried in the ground with no conciousness untill being brought back thousands of years later, whats the point of living now? Besides loving people and being joyfull. There is clear evidence of heaven and hell. From Near Death Experiencers who have personallly seen them. They describe having more vivid experiences than they ever had while in they're bodies, and remembering every single detail many years later. MMuch better than any thing the brain can cook up. There are some from Blind people which clearly say they can see while out of there bodies. How can anyone deny that? What about true stories of ghosts and hauntings? Its a lie.
  • Life changing

    By Bigpapa7979
    A very true look at understanding Scripture
  • Do not read.

    By Dawnlost
    Research the net This church is a cult. They do not believe in Hell Goggle the united church of god for yourself. Don't believe. don't read
  • Wonderful to know the Truth of a merciful God and a plan that includes all.

    By Kjunshawn
    Good read
  • NOT Christian! But CULT lies - trash from hell!

    By BlessedJohn
    NOT Christian! But CULT lies - trash from hell! UCG is a cult that intentionally puts out false doctrine to deceive readers. They do not believe in many truths standard to Christianity, God being Holy and the judgement of hell,etc! Written by a cult full of lies - trash from from the pit!
  • Warning

    By Piemanick
    A very interesting work of fiction, but none of it is ment to be taken literally.
  • Well documented

    By HvVan
    It's nice to know that the truth of our loving and merciful Father in Heaven can be found!
  • Wrong

    By Taylor Paul
    This book has misinterpreted scripture from the first to the last chapter concerning the afterlife. Paul's letters to the churches was all about preaching Jesus crucified and risen again for the purpose of giving the world eternal life, without works, because Jesus did the work for mankind. We have everlasting life just by putting faith in Jesus confessing him boldly as our Lord. Also the EVENT THAT DID HAPPEN and is NOT a parable, which is found in Luke 16:19-31 does point out the reality of Heaven and Hell... So in conclusion there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun... It is written all over the Bible, and the way to Heaven is to believe in your heart confessing with your mouth Jesus is Lord... Jesus did all the work for us we just need to put faith in it and receive eternal life!