Creation or Evolution - United Church of God

Creation or Evolution

By United Church of God

  • Release Date: 2010-08-20
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 3.5
From 53 Ratings


Why has evolution become so widely accepted, and why has the Bible come to be viewed with such hostility? What has changed? Inside this Bible study aid: -- Science, the Bible and Wrong Assumptions -- The Testimony of the New Testament -- Scientists, Creation and Evolution -- Ancient Near Eastern Concepts of Creation -- The Greek Concept of Creation -- What Does the Fossil Record Show? -- The Problem of "Living Fossils" -- The Fossil Record: Expectation vs. Fact -- The Case Against Evolution -- Darwinism Is Not the Same as Evolution -- Microevolution Doesn't Prove Macroevolution -- Competition or Cooperation: How Symbiosis Defies Darwin -- Oddities in Nature That Defy Evolution -- The Scientific Evidence: In the Eye of the Beholder -- Earth's Age: Does the Bible Indicate a Time Interval Between the First and Second Verses of Genesis? -- Genesis 1 and the Days of Creation -- The Societal Consequences of Darwinism -- The World Before Man: The Biblical Explanation


  • A must read!!!

    By Bigpapa7979
    One of my favorites .... Also for all the people that believe in micro Evolution your on the right track but this macro belief is a joke, this world and Universe is so Complex and Intricate and how everything has to be in perfect harmony to Sustain human life, you don't get that from Chaos. Watch expelled no Intelligence allowed by Ben stein to get a better understanding..😎
  • My review isn't showing up here

    By Rez 2020
    My review that I spent 30min on won't show up so here's this!!! Evolution happens every hour for germs and viruses A virus is a bunch of DNA, it locates a cell and sticks some DNA in it, then leaves, later the cell has cloned virus DNA and not yours that you need. But the virus DNA is mixed with other DNA causing mutations, and WAZZAM evolution in a few hours!!!
  • Great book

    By Ljw09
    This book proves that God created everything that Darwin is just a theory and thats all it is!!!!
  • This is Crap!!!!

    By 637292
    There is nothing wrong with believing in a creator and also believing in evolution. It just shows the close-mindedness of these religious idiots.
  • Darwin????

    By DanRoth12
    Let's see this book was very poorly researched and quit trying to make people believe that Darwin didn't believe in anything. He purely believed that there was something more, something to spark all of this. And by the way his book is entitled "On the origin of species" not "the origin of species"
  • You got to be kidding!!!

    By Timmiley
    I found your book to be idiotic and poorly researched. Please look up on Google the words Scientific Theory. You have that confused with just the word theory. With each new scientific discovery God has less places to hide.
  • Warning - NOT Christian at al! Teaching a false god

    By BlessedJohn
    Warning - NOT Christian at al! Teaching a false god & a CULT teaching a false Jesus Christ filled with lies! UCG is a cult that intentionally puts out false doctrine to deceive readers. They do not believe in the Holy Trinity, hell, and many truths standard to Christianity. Written by a cult full of lies & deception - trash from from the pit! Do not waste your time OR Soul!!!
  • Fail.

    By FeralG33k
    Poorly thought through propaganda. Mostly a collection of quotes from other authors for the first 2/3 then a dozen or so paragraphs of rather good biblical research then about 20 pages of Bible quotes climaxing with the threat of communism and nazi genocide. I did not rate rate this on the subject matter, but on the quality of research and writing... Both are low, and would only sway the uneducated in science to any conclusions.