Raja Yoga - Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

Raja Yoga

By Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

  • Release Date: 1906-09-01
  • Genre: Spirituality


“Raja Yoga” is devoted to the development of the latent powers in Man—the gaining of the control of the mental faculties by the Will—the attainment of the mastery of the lower self—the development of the mind to the end that the soul may be aided in its unfoldment. Much that the Western World has been attracted to in late years under the name of “Mental Science” and similar terms, really comes under the head of “Raja Yoga.” This form of Yoga recognizes the wonderful power of the trained mind and will, and the marvelous results that may be gained by the training of the same, and its application by concentration and the intelligent direction. It teaches  that not only may the mind be directed outward, influencing outside objects and things, but that it may also be turned inward, and concentrated upon the particular subject before us, to the end that much hidden knowledge may be unfolded and uncovered. Many of the great inventors are really practicing “Raja Yoga” unconsciously, in this inward application of it, while many leaders in the world of affairs are making use of its outward concentrated application in their management of affairs.

The First Lesson: The “I.”—The Second Lesson: The Ego’s Mental Tools—The Third Lesson: The Expansion of the Self—The Fourth Lesson: Mental Control—The Fifth Lesson: The Cultivation of Attention—The Sixth Lesson: Cultivation of Perception—The Seventh Lesson: The Unfoldment of Consciousness—The Eighth Lesson: The Highlands and Lowlands of Mind—The Ninth Lesson: The Mental Planes—The Tenth Lesson: Sub‑Consciousing—The Eleventh Lesson: Subconscious Character Building—The Twelfth Lesson—Sub‑Conscious Influences.