Gnani Yoga - Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

Gnani Yoga

By Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

  • Release Date: 1907-09-01
  • Genre: Spirituality


This course give the highest Yogi teachings regarding the Absolute and its Manifestations—the relations between the One and the Many—the Secret of the One Life—the Mystery of the Evolution of the Soul—the Law of Spiritual Cause and Effect—the Group-Soul—the Birth of the Ego—the Unfoldment of the Self—the Cycles of the Race—the Chain of Worlds—the Truth about Nirvana—the Divine Paradox—the Problem of Consciousness—the Reality and the Illusory—the offices of Will and Desire—the Future of the Race—the Past History of Man and the Races—the Adepts and Masters—the Brotherhoods—the Problems of Life—the Riddle of Existence. These and many other subjects of equal importance are taken up, explained and the dark corners illuminated. Some of the teachings to be given are entirely new to the general Western public, and partake of the nature of the Inner Teachings of the occultists.

The First Lesson: The One.—The Second Lesson: Omnipresent Life.—The Third Lesson: The Creative Will.—The Fourth Lesson: The Unity of Life.—The Fifth Lesson: The One and the Many.—The Sixth Lesson: Within the Mind of the One.—The Seventh Lesson: Cosmic Evolution.—The Eighth Lesson: The Ascent of Man.—The Ninth Lesson: Metempsychosis.—The Tenth Lesson: Spiritual Evolution.—The Eleventh Lesson: The Law of Karma.—The Twelfth Lesson: Occult Miscellany.