The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath - Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath

By Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

  • Release Date: 1903-01-01
  • Genre: Spirituality


Synopsis:—Chapter I. The Hindu Yogis—Something About Their Teachings. Chapter II. “Breath is Life”—Teachings of the Orient and Occident Compared. Chapter III. The Exoteric Theory of Breath. Chapter IV. The Esoteric Theory of Breath. Chapter V. The Nervous System—Yogi Teachings Concerning the Solar Plexus—The Solar Plexus a Store-House of Prana. Chapter VI. How to Breathe—Oriental Methods. Chapter VII. Four Methods of Respiration—The Complete Breath. Chapter VIII. How to Acquire the Complete Breath. Chapter IX. Physiological Effect of the Complete Breath. Chapter X. The Cleansing Breath—The Nerve Vitalizing Breath—The Vocal Breath. Chapter XI. Seven Developing Exercises. Chapter XII. Seven Minor Yogi Exercises. Chapter XIII. Vibration and Rhythmic Breathing—How to Ascertain the Heart Beat Unit as the Basis of Rhythmic Breathing. Chapter XIV. Phenomena of Psychic Breathing—Directions for Psychic Breathing—Prana Distributing—Inhibiting Pain—Self-Healing—Healing Others—Distant Healing. Chapter XV. More Phenomena of Psychic Breathing—Thought Projection—Forming an Aura—Recharging Yourself—Recharging Others—Charging Water—Acquiring Mental Qualities—Controlling the Emotions—Transmutation of Reproductive Energy—Brain Stimulating. Chapter XVI. Spiritual Breathing—Soul Consciousness—How Unfolded—The Universal Consciousness—How to Attain This Consciousness—General Directions.