The Bhagavad Gita - Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

The Bhagavad Gita

By Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

  • Release Date: 1907-01-05
  • Genre: Spirituality


This is a presentation of “The Gita,” that immortal Hindu epic that has been the foundation of the Spiritual knowledge of the great souls for centuries past. It was Emerson’s constant companion. Whoever understands this book will understand the world’s inspired writings.

Schlegel said that, compared to it, the highest flight of the European thought was like a firefly compared to the lightning. It contains the Inner Doctrine of the Wisdom Religion of India. The present compilation brings the teachings before the public, in a plain, simple, practical form.

Part I: The Gloom of Arjuna—Part II: The Inner Doctrine—Part III: The Secret of Work—Part IV: Spiritual Knowledge—Part V: Renunciation—Part VI: Self Mastery—Part VII: Spiritual Discernment—Part VIII: The Mystery of Omnipresence—Part IX: The Kingly Knowledge—Part X: Universal Perfection—Part XI: The Universal Manifestation—Part XII: The Yoga of Devotion—Part XIII: The Knower and the Known—Part XIV: The Three Gunas or Qualities—Part XV: Consciousness of the Supreme—Part XVI: The Good and Evil Natures—Part XVII: The Threefold Faith—Part XVIII: Renunciation and Freedom.