Is the Bible True? - United Church of God

Is the Bible True?

By United Church of God

  • Release Date: 2010-10-12
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Score: 4
From 32 Ratings


Billions of Bibles have been published and distributed around the world. Millions of people regard it as the inspired Word of God. It's been one of history's most influential books. But can you—and should you—believe it?

-- In this booklet:
-- One of the World's Most Popular Books
-- The Bible in the Modern World
-- Humanity's Bias Against the Supernatural
-- The Bible and Astronomy
-- Earth's Age: Does the Bible Indicate a Time Interval Between the First and Second Verses of Genesis?
-- The Bible and Archaeology
-- King David's Existence Verified by Inscription
-- Does Archaeology Confirm the Existence of Specific People Mentioned in the Bible?
-- The Bible and Science
-- The Biblical Authors: Men of God and Science
-- The Bible and Prophecy
-- Modern Conditions Were Foretold in Scripture Many Centuries Ago
-- The Bible and You...
-- Does the Bible Contain Errors?


  • Good apologetic read.

    By Boz1302
    A concise but thorough study of The Bible and the facts behind the themes,history and message of the Word of God.
  • :) or :(

    By karatenerd
    I find it funny how some of the people who submitted a review are saying this is bad and the bible is TRUTH. The bible and Torah are not supposed to be taken's what you get out of reading the collection of books within the bible to teach you moral and understanding. The only thing anyone should follow from the bible or Torah are the ten commandments. And if u believe in the bible or god or even aliens, it doesn't what you think as long as u don't try to make other people believe in it. I for one am completely against all religion, hence the nickname.
  • What are they smoking?????

    By :( T-T
    The bible is so true!
  • Is the Bible True?

    By Tcr4ever39
    From beginning to end this book laid out in very logical order its case for presenting the facts that the Bible is true. As a Bible believer it was easy for me to accept its arguments. For a Bible sceptic, they will be hard pressed not to be able to believe.
  • Warning - NOT Christian at al! But CULT lies

    By BlessedJohn
    Warning - NOT Christian at al! Teaching a false god & a CULT teaching a false Jesus Christ filled with lies! UCG is a cult that intentionally puts out false doctrine to deceive readers. They do not believe in the Holy Trinity, hell, and many truths standard to Christianity. Written by a cult full of lies & deception - trash from from the pit! Do not waste your time OR Soul!!!
  • Great!

    By HvVan
    Well written and easy to understand
  • Seriously?!?!?!?

    By Bobbyphill
    Of course the Bible is true! Who would buy this!
  • Cool

    By Juliahna
    I will read it but I think it will be good.