Dark Prince - Christine Feehan

Dark Prince

By Christine Feehan

  • Release Date: 2011-03-08
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 796 Ratings


An incomparable gift for Christine Feehan fans, Dark Prince returns in a new, author’s cut special edition. #1 New York Times bestseller Feehan revisits her classic tale of paranormal romance—the breathtaking story of a beautiful hunter with extraordinary telepathic abilities captivated by the powerful allure of a tormented prince of the mysterious Carpathians—expanding the beloved story by 100 never before seen pages! Here is your golden opportunity to experience the first book in Christine Feehan’s remarkable Dark saga as you never have before, whether it’s a glorious re-entrance into this writer’s mystical, unforgettable world…or your very first visit!


  • The prince of darkness

    By shubby15
    Kept me reading enjoyed it so much , can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!
  • Dark Prince

    By How sad!
    I liked the book, the twists and turns, but she is not one fit to be with the Dark Prince. All she does is cry and whine
  • Suspenseful vampire tale!

    By Amanda Uhl
    This might be my favorite of Christine Feehan’s books. I enjoy the Carpathian world she has created and the characters, which are real and distinct. This is a fantastic love story between the prince of the Carpathian’s and his human lifemate. You will be holding your breath during parts of the book, wondering if the hero and heroine can possibly survive. I really enjoyed the story.
  • Se

    By eyytttttyyek
  • This is a great book, and an amazing series!!!

    By J.R.G.R.H.
    I loved this book & the rest of the series. I have re-read this book many times and have never gotten rape in any way—whether it’s physically or mentally—from this book. I believe people should read an entire novel before saying something like that because it effects the decisions of others before they have a chance to form their own unbiased opinions. Also, Raven reaches out to him mentally first.. not the other way around. She felt his strife and wanted to help him. He’s the typical Alpha Royal, and she falls deeply in love with him. So do not judge this book based off of the misuse or misunderstanding of the word Rape. I truly believe that anyone would love this book & series if they actually gave it a chance. The men in this series love & cherish their women because women who can become mates are very rare in their world. It is a touching love story full of angst, passion, and true self-sacrificing love. Definitely read it!!! Happy Reading!!!
  • Reads like sexual assault

    By Jifieurididi
    I only read the sample but I have decided to not purchase it based upon what I read. Raven reaches out telepathically to a man/vampire who is lonely and thinking of ending his life. He reacts with new interest in life and her. Return mental contact reads like a sexual assault. He demeans her. Kidnaps her. She tells him to stop. He keeps going. I was looking for an adventure romance where they meet become friends and develop a relationship. This was not what I was looking for.
  • Long and boring

    By KeshaM201
    I got about halfway through this book and I couldn’t take it anymore. This book is long for no reason! I kept thinking get to the point already! I am not one to write a review, good or bad, but this book needs a warning label.
  • A beautiful Romance

    By ChMarCooke
    I loved this book, have read it three times. I am a Carpathian fan!
  • Dark Prince

    By NoWimps
    I was excited to read about the prince since he figures prominently in the other Carpathian novels I’ve read. Now I want to go back to the others and see if Raven got her act together. It took me the whole book to even start to like her. .The prince, I liked very much, as he did his best to rein in his overbearing, dictatorial tendencies for her. Raven’s character is a self sacrificing bleeding heart with a death wish! No self preservation in that one at all. Don’t see where anyone would think “Rape” in this book. There was nothing between those two that even remotely suggested rape to me, but then, soft gentle love scenes aren’t my,( nor evidently Ms Feehan’s) thing. She writes some hot, sexy passages that are, well, HOT! Love her work!
  • Rape isn’t romantic

    By Qaplak!
    Rape. This isn’t a romance novel, it’s mentally twisted and glorifies A man raping a woman because he could.