Rules for Radicals - Saul Alinsky

Rules for Radicals

By Saul Alinsky

  • Release Date: 1989-10-23
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 3
From 147 Ratings


“This country's leading hell-raiser" (The Nation) shares his impassioned counsel to young radicals on how to effect constructive social change and know “the difference between being a realistic radical and being a rhetorical one.”

First published in 1971 and written in the midst of radical political developments whose direction Alinsky was one of the first to question, this volume exhibits his style at its best. Like Thomas Paine before him, Alinsky was able to combine, both in his person and his writing, the intensity of political engagement with an absolute insistence on rational political discourse and adherence to the American democratic tradition.


  • Wow I understand know in the world

    By redgiimff
    Understanding the modus operandi of the rules gives way to the current new radical, the holy grail of why you get called homophobic or a racist(it’s mans greatest enemy ridicule) which has no way of defending furthermore working towards the radicals advantage. Or why you see thousands of trump articles(keeping the pressure on). Or trump his actions on the infamous 6th of January( rule 11 ) or aoc and Ted Cruz agreeing on robinhood corruption (rule 12). They’re thousands of examples... all I have to say is well played alinsky, whatever happens it’s in the radicals hand specifically the left

    By Prophet Amos
    This book clearly paints the picture that in order to create a new world order, one must mislead, steal wealth, ridicule, use corruption, and “ethical standards must be elastic to stretch with the times.” In our current political environment, according to Alinsky’s words, Obama, a one time community organizer has created “a society devoid of compromise is totalitarian.” Alinsky also warned Obama “nothing antagonizes people and alienates them from a would-be organizer more than the revealing flashes of arrogance, vanity, impatience, and contempt of a personal egotism.”
  • To review author #3

    By very honest reviewer
    The reason it says over 90 reviews but only a few are shown is because people only rated it with a star rating and did not do a write up. It's not a "vast right-wing conspiracy ".
  • Hey Apple i-tunes

    By BlueVaultMusic
    You have 96 reviews here and show us only 2. The same two show up as the most helpful, the most critical. the most recent, etc... And you do this with every book rating out there. How is that helpful to the prospective purchaser? Please fix this inept review system. The one star is for Apple i-tunes, I'll buy the physical copy thank you.
  • Must read

    By Tomcat8662
    Everyone should read this book. It's a sneak peek into the dark world of community organizing, something our dear president was very much involved in. If you love this country and don't want to see it fundamentally transformed by the folks who have a deep disdain for who we are, you need to study up on how these people think and the methods they use.
  • Rule's for Radical's

    The play book for the OBAMA administration.