The Spirit of the Upanishads - Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

The Spirit of the Upanishads

By Yogi Ramacharaka & William Walker Atkinson

  • Release Date: 1907-01-12
  • Genre: Spirituality


A collection of texts, aphorisms, sayings, proverbs, etc., etc. selected and adapted from numerous sources and authorities in the Sacred Books of the Land of the Brahmans. Many of the Hindu writings, which furnish some of these aphorisms, are to be found only in the original Sanscrit. The selections represent the cream of the Hindu thought, expressed by it highest authorities and possess the highest interest for the student of the oriental Philosophies. This book really forms a valuable supplementary volume to the “Bhagavad Gita,” and should be read by all admirers of that classic book.

Part I: The Threshold—Part II: The Absolute—Part III: The Real Self—Part IV: The Way—Part V: The Student—Part VI: The Teacher—Part VII: The Lesson—Part VIII: The Law of Karma—Part IX: Devotional Worship—Part X: Freedom—Part XI: Spiritual Knowing—Part XII: The Four‑Fold Means—Part XIII: Union (Yoga)—Part XIV: Liberation.