Portrait of a Monster - Lisa Pulitzer & Cole Thompson

Portrait of a Monster

By Lisa Pulitzer & Cole Thompson

  • Release Date: 2011-07-05
  • Genre: True Crime
Score: 4.5
From 23 Ratings


From a pair of New York Times bestselling authors with unparalleled access comes an in-depth account of the manhunt for Joran van der Sloot, one of the most reviled accused criminals in the world

In May 2005, Natalee Holloway disappeared from a high school trip to Aruba. Five years to the day later, twenty-one-year-old Stephany Flores was reported missing in Lima, Peru. Implicated in both crimes was one young man: Joran van der Sloot.

A twenty-three-year-old Dutchman, Van der Sloot has become the subject of intense scrutiny by the media and the public in the years since 2005. He was arrested and detained by Aruban authorities in connection with the Holloway disappearance, only to be released after questioning. In 2008, during a Dutch sting operation, he admitted to being present for Holloway's death---but later recanted his statement.

In 2010, on the five-year anniversary of her disappearance, a young business student in Peru named Stephany Flores disappeared, only to be found dead three days later in a hotel room---registered to Van der Sloot. He was arrested for the murder and confessed, but he later claimed he was coerced.

This is the first book to offer a probing look at the man tied to two of the most sensational cases of the decade. It draws from:

• Interviews with members of the families of Joran, Stephany, and Natalee

• Never-before-seen photographs of the crime scene in Peru, fingerprint files, hotel records, and more

• Internal communications between Interpol, the FBI, Aruban officials, and officials in Chile and Peru

• Never-before-seen police files from Chile, Peru, and Aruba

Portrait of a Monster offers an unflinching look into the workings of an international manhunt and a chilling portrait of an alleged killer.


  • Portrait of a monster

    By Meme for 2
    What a story that keeps the reader from putting down this true murder cliff hanger, you from the start who the monster is, he has been in the public headlines now for years, starting with a beautiful young women who's life was just beginning. Her name Natalie Holloway a young women with a bright a wonderful life just start'ing, but as we no her dreams and words to the world was taken on a white sanded beach, shinning moon warm waters of blue, the resting place that she would never return from. But the warm waters and moon light will someday return her to her family like a great mix of karma and a parents prayer heard, and Proof god truly dose hear your prayers and time is just hands on a clock, and a test of all' faith. But the Book Portrait of a monster Is a must read, should hit top ten in non fiction. You will want to keep reading just to see what will happen next. It is well worth the price and time, can't wait to read the next true crime book wrote by these two amaze'ing writers'. Please forgive my very first Review, But I just could not share my thoughts and feel'ing on a most tragic