Red Mist - Patricia Cornwell

Red Mist

By Patricia Cornwell

  • Release Date: 2011-12-06
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 1,363 Ratings


With high-tension suspense and cutting-edge technology, Patricia Cornwell—the world’s #1 bestselling crime writer—once again proves her exceptional ability to entertain and enthrall in this remarkable novel featuring chief medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta.

On her quest to find out exactly what happened to her former deputy chief, Jack Fielding, murdered six months before, Scarpetta drives to the Georgia Prison for Women to meet a convicted sex offender and the mother of a vicious and diabolically brilliant killer. Against the advice of her FBI criminal intelligence agent husband, Benton Wesley, Scarpetta is determined to hear this woman out.

Scarpetta has both personal and professional reasons to learn more about a string of grisly killings: the murder of a Savannah family years earlier, a young woman on death row, and then other inexplicable deaths that begin to occur at a breathtaking pace. Driven by inner forces, Scarpetta discovers connections that compel her to conclude that what she thought ended with Fielding’s death and an attempt on her own life is only the beginning of something far more destructive: a terrifying terrain of conspiracy and potential terrorism on an international scale.

And she is the only one who can stop it.


  • Good mystery!

    By Fanita67
    I love Kay Scarpetta mysteries
  • Better than the last one

    By birdcaje
    Almost back to normal Aside from all the medical, legal and psychological experts missing the obvious “twin” answer that becomes apparent to the reader almost immediately, this was a refreshing return to solving mysterious deaths for which we used to all read the Scarpetta series. Kay’s progression seems choppy and some times not well derived but she gets to the truth eventually. Sadly, the story is still mired in a world in which everyone wants to take down, kill, frame and ruin Kay Scarpetta – a plot that is increasingly getting monotonous and incredibly unbelievable. The story further diminishes the expertise and street smarts of Marino even as Agent? Doctor? Therapist? Husband? Benton Wesley’s role becomes less and less defined. I was glad to get back to Kay using her unique talents and education to investigate but disappointed that it seems to be at the expense of the other characters’ participation and further growth. Lastly, thank you for finally introducing a Scarpetta colleague who is normal, friendly, and has no ulterior motive to destroy her – now we know there is at least one in the vast Cornwellian world.
  • Red mist

    By Nenufart
    Cornwell, as usual, excells in the creation of plausible characters and in entangling them with one another in complex muti-dimensional relationships. Scarpetta's skill and self confidence as a forensic pathologist,and indeed as an italian chef, are welcome counter points to the darker neurotic guilt-ridden side of her personality, and make her a very acceptable heroine. The plot, however, operates on too many fronts and becomes unmanageable, so that resolution can only be achieved by unlikely coincidences and a rather heavy handed deus ex machina. If it were not for this, and the rather tedious and unnecesarily detailed description of scientific proceedures, i would have given another star. I hope I am not being too picky, but Cornwell has set her own high standards. Nenufart.
  • Red Mist

    By bartlettmom2
    Red Mist doesn't disappoint!
  • Nana bunnie

    By Bunnienanna
    As always Cornwell delivers. Taking reader through a ride that you don't know where you will end up!
  • Red mist

    By Mom3016
    Red Mist is very good read. Enjoyed it!
  • Does Kay ever have fun?

    By marmi7
    P. Cornwell, I hope you read your reviews. Could you consider giving Scarpetta a happy side? It would give your devoted reader a break from her constant angst. She is perpetually angry and in perilous danger, and altho we realize a good book needs a good problem, for Gawd's sake, I want to see Kay have a bit of fun!(Cooking eggplant parmesan does not constitute good fun, don't even try....)
  • Is Scarpetta ever happy?

    By ToothieLee
    I know she is just a character in a book but I can't stand her. This author has made this character into a know it all who can't seem to get along with anyone and always has the last word. I used to read all her books and picked up Red Mist to give her one last try. I won't waste my money on her next one.
  • Suspenseful

    By SJSteph
    Enjoyed this! Continuation from Port Mortuary. Kept me glued to the book from beginning to end. Recommended for Scarpetta readers.
  • Unimaginative and Boring

    By thetylerone1
    I'm a big PC fan and have been for many years, but I could not get through this book. I am so disappointed. I finally realized at page 300 that it was not going to improve, so I stopped reading. Lame plot.