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  • Cat Equivalence of Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care

    By Lindsey Marie 1997
    Infinite thanks to Ms. Johnson-Bennett for writing this book. Somewhat recently, after having been a dog person for many years, I nervously adopted my first kitten in hopes of molding him into a sociable, healthy little feline. I read this book twice from (digital) cover to cover before adoption day. It’s been about six months since the adoption and all I can say is my cat is wonderfully behaved. He is sweet, never bites, loves attention, loves new people, and most importantly, he is extremely healthy. He even does this trick where I say, “Who’s a lion?” and he roars! All in all, thank you so much. Thanks to your book, thousands of people and I avoided stumbling into cat ownership blind. Cat by cat, this book is changing the public opinion of cats from cold creatures to loyal companions! New cat owners, this is a MUST-read. Best few bucks I’ve ever spent on my cat!
  • Isn’t Afraid to Give Specific Recommendations

    By Cheolsu954
    This book named Da Bird as a great cat toy. I bought it and lo! it’s my cat’s favorite toy.