What Darwinists Don't Want You to Know - M.E. Brines

What Darwinists Don't Want You to Know

By M.E. Brines

  • Release Date: 2011-07-21
  • Genre: Life Sciences
Score: 2
From 38 Ratings


What Darwinians Don’t Want You to Know – The truth about the Intelligent Design theory. Does Secular Humanism require more faith than most religions?


  • Inconceivably bad

    By Macnugget63
    There are many problems with strict Darwinism that have been resolved with later refinements to the theory. The author of this book, however, seems to have almost no understanding of any of that. He seems to have based his ideas on a third-hand misunderstanding of evolution in general, without any real knowledge of what Darwinism is specifically. It is difficult to understand why someone would spend so much time writing about something that they haven't even bothered to research properly beforehand, but of course it's impossible to hold the viewpoints that this author espouses once you actually understand the theories behind evolution and their implications. I initially began reading this because I like to keep an open mind and I wanted to see if there would be any good points, but I kept reading because it became hilarious to me to see this author stumble from poorly-formed opinion to badly-made point. Read this if you find it enjoyable to laugh at the mentally challenged, otherwise stay far, far away, lest this particularly splendid brand of idiocy poison your future thoughts processes.
  • This book is a waste of electrons

    By jamesodba
    Unbelievable nonsense. The author makes the same tired assertions about evolution being a hoax or scientific conspiracy that have been disproved over and over. I try to understand the reason the author felt compelled to write this. Just to get something published or is he simply delusional? I guess that the conclusion the author wants the reader to end up with is that all scientific theories have an anti-religion agenda and are actually false and all scientists are in on it.