Fear and Phobias - Sarah Johnstone

Fear and Phobias

By Sarah Johnstone

  • Release Date: 2011-07-23
  • Genre: Psychology


The effects of fears and phobias can be devastating, causing people to completely avoid the situations that they fear most. At the extreme, fear can disable people's lives so much that it results in them becoming totally isolated to their own homes. Often fear can grow on fear, however, in this day and age, there is so much help available from professional people who are qualified and experienced in this subject, that there is no need for anybody to have to feel this way. Life is for living and fear shouldn't limit anybody's life or opportunities - fears and phobias can be overcome!

Many people find it difficult to understand their anxiety disorder, or to explain it to others. This comprehensive A-Z guide to phobias, fears and anxieties provides valuable information about understanding fears and phobias, how to cope with panic attacks, and the different types of treatment available to help overcome phobias or significantly reduce the symptoms. Some of the sections included are:

*Phobias and fears explained

*Treatment for phobias and fears - help in overcoming and conquering fears.

*How to treat, cope and deal with panic attacks

*Social phobia

*A-Z encyclopedia of the different types of fears and phobias

*Fear poems by the author