Rifle Marksmanship - Department of the Army

Rifle Marksmanship

By Department of the Army

  • Release Date: 2011-08-03
  • Genre: Reference


This thick and thorough US Army Field Manual on the M-16 / AR-15 (and all of their variations) covers every aspect of the rifle(s) you can think of with many photos. You won't find a more complete book on the M-16/AR-15 than this one - straight from the US Army. Just look at SOME of the subjects covered: training; characteristics; ammunition; accessories (rails, sights, optics, lights, nightvision); troubleshooting; basic rifle introduction; marksmanship; modes of fire; firing positions; training devices and exercises; zeroing; effects of wind and gravity; ballistics; range determination; locating targets; urban operations; combat fire; suppressive fire; nuclear, biological, and chemical firing; night fire; moving targets; short-range marksmanship; advanced optics, lasers, and iron sights; and an extensive appendix. There's much detail on all of this - and more.