The Cat And The Mad Lobster - Robert Chapin

The Cat And The Mad Lobster

By Robert Chapin

  • Release Date: 2011-08-25
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4
From 147 Ratings


This is a humorous true story about our 18 year old cat who died of a brain tumor. He was unusual inasmuch as he had learned to play dead and together he and I had a routine.

First, however, the cat had an encounter with a lobster. On a summers day a number of years ago, my wife and I were going to have an old fashioned New England clambake. Just the two of us. We purchased a lobster and two quarts of steamers and the placed the bag in the foor space under the dash on my wife's side of the car.

At a traffic light I rattled the bag and the lobster came alive and hopped out of the bag. At a local convenience store parking lot, I was able to get the lobster back into the bag and this time into a cooler we had in the trunk.

When we got home, I filled the kitchen sink with cool water and placed the lobster and clams into it until we were ready to cook.

My wife and I were enjoying a drink and watching the cooking shows on public TV and all of a sudden were startled by the loud MEOW - and WEEEOW of the cat. It had jumped up onto the kirchen counter and was slapping the crustacean with its paw.

One of the rubber bands holding a claw secure came un-done and the lobster was fighting for its life.

I was able to get the lobster into a pot of tepid water and did not realize that as the water heated up the lobster would try to escape. Back to the TV when all of a sudden the lobster kicked the cover off and onto the floor with a loud bang. The cat ran in the opposite direction and I spent the next ten minutes pressing the cover onto the pot with a hand towel until the lobster was no longer kicking.

This short true story has a series of adventures with our cats over the years. Hope you enjoy!


  • I loved it

    By Gabbyserpico
    So sorry for your lost
  • Very sweet stories of life with cats

    By R in T
    This short book is a simple delight. An easy and quick read, it relates several adventures of life with cats. Any cat lover will smile, knowingly. I would surely read more!
  • Very cute!

    By Dowreagan
    A tale any cat lover can attest to! Although I've never had tigger "play dead" if I were an eloquent writer, I too could tell some equally funny tales.
  • The cat and the mad lobster

    By Grivers07
    Being a cat lover and experiencing many personalities cats have I can relate. Loved the short story keep up the writing hope to read more cat stories.
  • The Cat and the Mad Lobster

    By PilikiaCat
    A "must have" for any cat lover. Funny and heart-warming.
  • Kitty Momma

    By kattierina
    I adore cat stories, especially their attempts to make you or another cat feel better when sick or even just upset. They have emotions and don't hesitate to show them, and they definitely pick up on our emotions. Your stories touch very well on the many, but little known talents of our furry friends.
  • The cat and the mad lobster

    By Benlepine
  • soyeon105

    By SoySoy ( not really )
    The Cat And The Mad Lobster is a sad story
  • Great loving book on kitties

    By Marlena Sade Obregon
    I adored this story, I really liked the cuteness and humor to it. Great read. Adorable kitten on the cover!!
  • Great story!

    By Kukla:)
    It makes me mis my cats! We had to give them away. But I loved this book and buy more of his!