The eNotated Voyage of the Liberdade - Joshua Slocum & Chris Thomerson

The eNotated Voyage of the Liberdade

By Joshua Slocum & Chris Thomerson

  • Release Date: 2011-09-16
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


Though most eBooks are simple conversions of paper books, “The eNotated Voyage of the Liberdade” is a completely new approach that takes advantage of the potential eBook technology offers to extend and enrich Slocum’s writing in a way that’s convenient to use while still unobtrusive to the reader.

Joshua Slocum, intrepid solo sailor of the “Spray” (see “The eNotated Sailing Alone Around the World”) had earlier lost his ship, “Aquidneck,” in Brazil and built a small craft, the “Liberdade” to return with his family home. It’s a remarkable story but filled with 19th century sailing terms, geographical references, and idioms that may be lost to the modern reader. Chris Thomerson, lifelong sailor and student of maritime history, provides the background and explanations so today’s readers can thoroughly understand, appreciate, and enjoy Slocum’s tale by adding expert electronic annotations linked to words and phrases in Slocum’s original text.

Based on the 1890 edition of “The Voyage of the Liberdade” this eNotated edition extends Slocum’s writing by providing a new layer of information behind the text the reader can access before, during, and after each chapter.

For instance, when Slocum writes “weather-bitted,” Thomerson explains it means, “Tie to the post or bitt on the bow in a secure way that will withstand extreme weather for a long time.”

If you are going to read Slocum for the first time - or reread him after some years - you will best enjoy and most throughly understand him with this unique eNotated edition.