Washington’s Second Inaugural Address - George Washington

Washington’s Second Inaugural Address

By George Washington

  • Release Date: 2011-10-26
  • Genre: U.S. History


*Illustrated with images of every president
*Includes Table of Contents
When George Washington became the new United States of America’s first president, he set several precedents, including one on April 30, 1789. That day, Washington was inaugurated as president, and for the occasion he gave the nation’s first presidential inaugural address, used to inform the people of his intentions as a leader.
Inaugural addresses have since become iconic moments for each new leader, sometimes providing the president’s most memorable moment. Franklin Delano Roosevelt told Americans they had nothing to fear but fear itself, John F. Kennedy asked Americans what they could do for their country, and Abraham Lincoln asked Northerners to show malice toward none and charity for all. Regardless of how each presidency turned out, inaugural addresses have always given voice to the optimism and hope that each new presidential term represents.  
Washington's second inaugural address was very short by today's standards, despite the fact that it came during a perilous time in the young nation's history, with Federalists and Republicans battling it out politically and troubles brewing with the British.
This edition of President George Washington’s Second Inaugural Address is specially formatted with a Table of Contents and is illustrated with pictures of each president.