Blue Fire and Ice - Alan Skinner

Blue Fire and Ice

By Alan Skinner

  • Release Date: 2011-11-17
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


An original book with characters unlike any you've met before in a magical but believable world that delights teens and adults alike. Lose yourself as the rather serious Beadles seek help from their neighbours - the unpredictable Muddles and the clever but grim Myrmidots.
The Land is in peril… Fires are ravaging Beadledom. In the face of terrifying, unquenchable blue flames the Beadles turn to their unpredictable neighbours, the Muddles, for help. But aid from the Muddles brings its own risks… Drawn together to save The Land, seven unlikely heroes set out to find the secret of the blue fire and the identity of the mysterious arsonist who will stop at nothing to destroy them all.

Full of the most unusual characters and packed with intrigue, humour and adventure, Blue Fire and Ice is the first in an exciting new series of books about The Land.
For readers 12+.

"The story is simply beautiful. I know that the expression beautiful doesn't initially say that much. But it is exactly that. It is simply very, very beautiful. It is perfect for children and teenagers; and adults, too. The author manages to narrate scenes full of suspense without resorting to the usual stock phrases such as suddenly , all of a sudden or similar; the book lives through the descriptions. As an adult a comfy shiver ran down my spine and as a result I caught myself once or twice jumping over the description of the scene - because I couldn t wait to see whether or not one of my favourites had lost his life." Bettina Meister,

"When I come face to face with a debut fantasy novel, I am usually both a little excited as well as filled with a slight sense of dread. All too often new writers are disappointing and knowing that the book comes from a small, independent publisher my apprehension grows. This time, however, I was quite pleasantly rewarded w ith not only a truly original storyline, but a well crafted plot with rounded characters. His storytelling skills ensnare the reader, giving a sense of urgency to the act of turning the page to find out what happens next. While standing satisfyingly complete on its own, it is a welcome beginning to a new series that hopefully will live up to the vivid promise this book gives." Kimberley Saunders,
"There is plenty of action and adventure in this first book of a new series with lots of plot twists and unusual characters to keep you interested." Primary Times