Furnaces of Forge - Alan Skinner

Furnaces of Forge

By Alan Skinner

  • Release Date: 2010-10-30
  • Genre: Fiction


"The inventiveness of the first book in the series , BLue Fire and Ice, continues, with even more adventure and danger facing the Muddles, the Beadles and the Myrmidots. This time, though, the biggest threat may be from each other.

When two accident-prone young Mymidots devise a plan to provide unimaginable power to their factories, the people of the Land find themselves divided. Even the animals of the Land, sensing the malign power that has come to the Land, prepare for rebellion. Amidst the chaos, two strangers,bent on revenge and destruction, appear in the Land. With their deadly spoorhounds, it seems no one can stand up to them. Crimson, one of the heroes of the High Mountains, is determined to try, even though it might take a greater sacrifice than anyone could imagine.

Sequel to Blue Fire and Ice. For readers 12+.

"Couldn't put it down! Furnaces of Forge is the sequel to Blue Fire and Ice. They are part of the series of The Land's Tales, which means I've discovered a whole new world of fantasy, adventure, mystery, misery, courage and much more. These 2 books are aimed at teens (which I'm not) and are captivating for adults. Furnaces of Forge is more exciting, edgier and faster-paced than Blue Fire and Ice. The dangers are dark and very real. Descriptions are detailed and at times, the heart races - making this book a page turner. There is a range of characters from the 3 countries across the land and it's hard to pick favourites as each one is so different and so critical to the storyline. Move over Lord of the Rings - Furnaces of Forge and Blue Fire and Ice will be the next big thing for teenagers and adults." Customer review, Fishpond.com.au