Brimstone - Alan Skinner


By Alan Skinner

  • Release Date: 2011-11-17
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


Kirkus Indie Review
"Skinner handles the characters and ensuing plot twists with gusto …  As the first installment in Skinner’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water series, the book follows suit with the exploding popularity of the young-adult science fiction and fantasy genre, yet the author approaches the genre in an original way, focusing on the principles of early science and historically accurate—yet fictional—settings, characters and plots.
A worthy read, perfect for the young adult, fantasy loving set; true devotees will anxiously await the next installment in this original series."

One day can change a life forever …

An enchanting and gripping adventure with characters you'll never forget. Jenny Swift, a young teenager, is taken against her will to become the apprentice of a famous alchemist. What awaits her isa strange new world of plotting, murder, robbery,and betrayal. But she also finds friendship, courage and abilities within her she never dreamed she possessed.

The first book in the Earth, Air, Fire and Water series.

For readers teen to adult.

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Reader reviews
All I can say is what a fantastic book! 
Rebecca Fraser, reader
All in all, I give Alan Skinner’s Brimstone 5 out of 5. Well done. I hope to see more books like this in the future!
Daniel Fletcher, reader
Alan Skinner has realised the need for new genre. Brilliant!!
Ammara Akram, reader
Gripping, absorbing and unique; Brimstone had me hooked ... 
Roshini Bhudia, reader
Brimstone is in many ways the quintessential adventure book; danger, mystery and magic being the key ingredients.
Maxine Hunt, reader
A wonderfully refreshing and original read ... Right from the first page I have been engrossed in Brimstone.
Hayley Sellick, reader
Wow! ... I will definitely be reccomending this book to every one I meet, but they'll have to get their own because this one is mine, to read again and again.
Emma Hawkins, reader
Gripping. Enchanting. Unique. 
Sophie Kean, reviewer, Goodreads
Brimstone's uniqueness comes from combining the very best fantasy elements with relateable real-life issues; including racism, poverty, alternate culture, friendship, and most poigniently, the loss and duty of growing up...
This was a book that left me constantly wanting more!
Elly Pugh, 5 star review The Book Depository
Perfect for the young adult audience for which it is written.
Ngaire Atmore, NZ Herlad on Sunday