The Secret of Kralitz - Henry Kuttner

The Secret of Kralitz

By Henry Kuttner

  • Release Date: 1958-01-01
  • Genre: Short Stories


The Secret of Kralitz is a Fiction Short Story Book. This book tells that I awoke from profound sleep to find two black-swathed forms standing silently beside me, their faces pale blurs in the gloom. As I blinked to clear my sleep-dimmed eyes, one of them beckoned impatiently, and suddenly I realized the purpose of this midnight summons. For years I had been expecting it, ever since my father, the Baron Kralitz, had revealed to me the secret and the curse that hung over our ancient house. And so, without a word, I rose and followed my guides as they led me along the gloomy corridors of the castle that had been my home since birth.