The Promise of Air - Algernon Blackwood

The Promise of Air

By Algernon Blackwood

  • Release Date: 1951-01-01
  • Genre: Paranormal


This is a romance book. Joseph Wimble was the only son of an analytical chemist, who, having made considerable profits out of an Invisible Sticking Plaster, sent the boy to Charterhouse and Cambridge in the hope that he would turn out a gentleman. When Joseph left Cambridge his father left business, referred to himself as Expert, used a couple of letters after his name, and suggested making the Grand Tour of Europe together as a finishing touch. 'To talk familiarly of Rome and Vienna and Constantinople as though you knew them, ' he explained, 'is a useful thing. It helps one with the women, and to be helped by women in life is half the battle. ' His ambitions for his son were considerable, including above all a suitable marriage. The abrupt destruction of these ambitions, accordingly, was so bitter a disappointment that he felt justified in giving the lad a nominal sum and mentioning that he had better shift for himself.