Passing For Hot, Season 01, Episode 2 - kalika

Passing For Hot, Season 01, Episode 2

By kalika

  • Release Date: 2011-12-18
  • Genre: Performing Arts


In this episode, Ruby snaps out of her depression and decides she is going to continue the charade of being a 35 yr. old and goes back to her acting classes with her outrageous instructor, Coach Ike. Meanwhile, her son Kenny and his friend, Winston, are not aware Ruby has changed her mind about taking charge of the restaurant again, and are desperately trying to find a man for Ruby in order to keep her mind otherwise occupied. After all, they have a lot at stake. Kenny doesn't want to lose Tina, the beautiful new cook he's hired, and Winston doesn't want to miss his chance at performing on keyboards at the new "Amateur Night" they've created, to take place at the restaurant.