Death of Civilization; The Apocalypse Begins - Nathan Hale

Death of Civilization; The Apocalypse Begins

By Nathan Hale

  • Release Date: 2011-12-20
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4
From 51 Ratings


Revised Edition October 2012
The world's financial system is collapsing and this crisis is being used to begin the coup in America that will finally end the "American Experiment".

Two related groups of prepared citizens have run to their survival retreats, one in southern Ohio, the Compound, and the other in eastern Kentucky, the Farm, with the intention of hiding until they know if the coup is successful, or if everything simply goes out of control. The Compound is commanded by a retired Marine Lieutenant General known by his Seal Team name, Iceman. The Farm is commanded by his older son, a retired Marine Colonel known also by his Seal Team name, Mack. Both groups share the same goal, to survive whatever is about to happen.
Over the first week they quietly watch as things begin to deteriorate both in America and around the world. Because the government has terminated the internet and cell phones while actively monitoring all land telephone lines, along with controlling all television signals, their information sources are limited to the CB radio and shortwave radio signals. Nevertheless, these signals are sufficient to allow the real truth to be told. A nuclear war has started in the Middle East and, in America; massive riots have begun in the cities. Then, as they watch everything irrevocably slide out of control, someone, somewhere makes a mistake.

In the mid-70's the first space based kinetic energy weapons platform was put into space. This system, along with its sister systems that were put into space by the other major powers, consists of platinum rods with a guidance package and a booster rocket. They are designed to impact the earth’s surface with a force roughly equal to that of a forty megaton hydrogen bomb, only without the radiation.
Because of the limited amount of time available to respond if these platforms were attacked all of the major powers had made their systems automatic and computer controlled. Whatever happened that caused these systems to fire the result was that in less than an hour over half of Earth’s population die’s as the kinetic energy weapon systems rain tens of thousands of missiles onto the planet’s surface destroying military targets, cities and infrastructure everywhere.

With the electrical grid destroyed, along with most major cities, all military bases, and the supporting infrastructure of our civilization, the citizens in the Compound and the Farm now find themselves attempting to help as many survivors as possible. While they have limited supplies available to them, they still reach out to their neighbors with offers of help and the information the neighbors will need to help them to also survive what is coming.

As they experience the rapid cooling off of the planet because of the vast amount of debris thrown into the mesosphere, which is preventing the suns energy from reaching the surface, they are also fighting to keep the supplies they have accumulated from being taken by their enemies. Since they know that they are now facing a multi-year winter, loss of those supplies is nothing short of a death sentence.

When the coup began, only a few weeks before, the governments new enforcement arm, the Citizens Army for Liberty (CAL), which has nothing to do with citizens (except to discipline them), or liberty, but is an army, was introduced. With their food, military supplies, and bases destroyed along with the cities they had been in, CAL is forced to forage for the food it needs to support its men, regardless of just who they have to kill to accomplish their goal.

The citizen survivors are forced to defend themselves against the depredations of CAL while preparing for a "nuclear" winter, a multi-year winter that the world hadn't seen since the start of the last Ice Age!


  • Good book

    By JWB311
  • Officer adoration

    By Illraceu
    Good value at almost 1000 pages for $5. Almost too full of Officer adoration though... Made me want to puke!
  • Great story

    By PookamooJo
    The story is fast paced, full of action, great characters, inventive and different. I highly recommend! Ignore the review that criticizes the author's implications about a president whose bent on the destruction of our country: anyone with a lick of sense knows our highest office is corrupt and broken. Also, anyone who has actually read scientific, peer reviewed statistics and studies, KNOWS that global warming is a hoax of gigantic proportions, and this author has obviously read them :)
  • Very good...but

    By RaoulRadio
    I have really enjoyed reading this book and plan to purchase the additional book in the series. The authors writing is so detailed, it makes you feel like you're actually part of the action and actually there. My only issue with the authors writing… Is that he seems to come from an ultra right-wing perspective many times. I'm not by any means a hard-core liberal, but each time he goes there, I find his writing slightly less credible and it takes me out of the story for a while. To still refer to global warming as "nonsense" is just ludicrous at this point. I was also slightly offended by the author referring to the "Muslim" president of United States as part of the "conspiracy to destroy this country." If he's referring to Obama, then I would suggest you go back and do more research. That is stupidity plain and simple. Other than that, I found this to be a very enjoyable book and can recommend it.
  • What a wild ride!!!

    By UmmmWhatDidUSay?
    This story is so intense and riveting it is unbelievable. As far as survivalist/prepper stories go, this one hits you right between the eyes. One hell of a good read.