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NLT Study Bible

By Tyndale House Publishers

  • Release Date: 2011-11-21
  • Genre: Bibles
Score: 3.5
From 66 Ratings


The product of over forty Bible scholars and seven years’ work, The NLT Study Bible is the most comprehensive study Bible ever created. The notes focus on bringing out the full meaning of the text, allowing the reader to understand the Bible more deeply than ever. Features include 25,900 study notes (over 820,000 words), maps, charts, illustrations, a word-study system, and much more.

Feature details: Ten section introductions provide an overview of the literature and history of each section of the Bible, showing how the books are related to each other and to the rest of Scripture. Theme articles and person profiles (406 total) highlight recurring ideas and describe the lives of those who inhabit the pages of scripture. Also includes 100 Greek and 100 Hebrew word studies, 100 quotations from modern and ancient writers, and words of Christ in red. Another unique feature is that further reading is recommended at the end of each book and section introduction.


  • Excellent study Bible

    By Brrrrr...
    This is an excellent Bible with plenty of study notes. The translation is a thought for thought translation, so it’s easier to understand. I believe it is a good study Bible for beginners and the notes are interesting for readers of all levels. Only complaint is that the verse numbers are underlined instead of highlighted blue. It makes the verses with study notes harder to see. Overall I am pleased with this purchase.
  • Update

    By HeartsTranqill
    You had an update and it completely removed the Bible I have been reading for years and all my notes. You exchange it for another version. Please return my original version I put a lot of important notes in it. I am very upset with this if you are going to change version you should send a warning before the update. Very very disappointed. If you can't do this I want my money refunded and you can delete this version.
  • NLT Study Bible

    By Team Bald
    This transalation of the Bible is perhaps the most readable modern English translation. It provides an accessible read to all English speakers with beautiful prose and the power of God's word. As an iBook it is easy to use and navigate, as well.
  • NLT fan

    By mackel96
    Hard to navigate. Save yer $$ if you want a offline version.
  • NLT Study Bible

    By Clark Ryan
    As Christian Salgado says below, you need to leave the e-Bible open in iBooks so it can "map out" the contents. This takes a couple hours. Once it has "mapped" everything out the progress bar on the dots and quick links ("go back to page...") and page numbers at the bottom and in the Table of Contents appear. If you plan on using more than one font size, and/or in both landscape and portrait orientation you'll need to repeat the process for each font size and orientation. It's a bit cumbersome to set up, but once this is done the e-Bible edition works really well. I've had no problems with sluggish loading within the opened NLT Study Bible and have been able to jump from text readings to footnotes to "special feature" extras and back to the text with ease. No complaints about the Tyndale features either. A good purchase.
  • Bad reviews

    By THINGOL1977
    I think what some of the readers are trying to grasp is the number of pages in this book. It's over 20k. If everyone understood how iBooks works there would be less confusion. Along the bottom of the pager there are a series of dots to indicate how fast your device is counting the pages with respect to the font size you have chosen for your reader. What you need to do is leave the bible open all night to fully calculate the number if pages in the text. Once iBooks does this, you will see page number, back buttons, and the overall flow will be much smoother. This is expected if you change your font size as well. I think this is the best bible on iBooks, too bad most of bad reviews were submitted by people who do not fully understand their device.
  • I wish I hadn't purchased this Bible

    By Bucks4444
    I agree with the previous reviewer. This Bible is sluggish and hard to use. It takes numerous swipes with your finger to get pages to turn, and then it may turn 2 or more pages at a time. You then have to turn back again. Which may again jump multiple pages, and so on. There is no back to return once you go to a hyperlink. There is no indication at the top or bottom to indicate which book or chapter you are in (Like other Bibles). There is no page numbering, and to go to a hyperlink, I bookmark my page then go back to the bookmark after I'm done...not an easy way to do what should be a simple touch of the finger. It almost seems like it is incompatible with Apple's iPad reader. It appears the developers just tried to get something on the market before making sure it was functional. I like the commentaries and links, which is why I bought it, but it is just not user friendly enough to recommend or even use. I've switched to another publisher.
  • Too bad

    By Bobby2362
    It's just sad that this is over twenty dollars when it's not even a physical copy. There are no materials/manufacturing involved here. People should not be making profit like this off of text alone.
  • Dissapointed

    By Bonesbutcher
    It was sluggish and you can't go back to the original verse if you cross reference. I've paid way less for a better product, either it's an issue with the book or apple please clean up
  • I should have listened . . .

    By T2nu
    The review before me was quite clear. I should have listened. I'm real tired of ending up someplace else in the book and not finding my way back. What a waste. PS: iBooks needs some more industrial features to make this kind of book worth having.