Cajun Vocabulation - Gordon J. Voisin

Cajun Vocabulation

By Gordon J. Voisin

  • Release Date: 2011-12-20
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


With each generation and with each passing day, we grow closer to losing a key part of our nations unique heritagethe Cajun French language. Unless a concerted effort is made to preserve the language, this rich and vibrant culture will soon be relegated to the back pages of history. Cajun Vocabulation is one such labor of loveone mans attempt to preserve the unique heritage of his South Louisiana home.

Cajun Vocabulation is a dictionary and pronunciation guide for one of the major dialects of Cajun French. Author Gordon J. Voisin interviewed more than one hundred native speakers in order to create this unique cultural artifact. He not only presents the basics of the language; he does so without sacrificing any of the zest and humor for which Cajuns are famous. The words are written phonetically, so even those with little knowledge of Cajun French will quickly learn to approximate its unique sound.

Engage with a vital and colorful part of American heritage with Cajun Vocabulation.


  • Get something else

    By JasonMel
    This may be a good reference or an alternative to something more expensive, but if you really want a good reference to the Cajun French language, look elsewhere. Everything is spelled in a very bad, phonetic, sort of way. The information is accurate, but the spellings leave me to think that this writer doesn't have much respect for the language.