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  • Twain and his biased opinions on Christians.

    By vgsshjigvfdjk
    Funny books but why Twain thinks Christians are ALL hypocrites? For an author of much intelligence it surprised me how biased he was on his stereotypical ideais.
  • The Tragedy of Pudd’n Head Wilson

    By Deplorable Digenes
    Twain is always a great read, so no surprise I thoroughly enjoyed rereading The Tragedy of Pudd’n Head Wilson. Twain effortlessly juxtaposes the ridiculous and the sublime, opposites and glaring contradictions. This great fun is made more fun by the strength of his prose, his command of the language and his wit. He is indeed America’s favorite humorist!
  • Puddinhead Wilson

    By Mr Piggy 2U
    Not as well known as many other Twain books, but just as entertaining and thought provoking.
  • A marvelous mystery

    By Tom Purtzer
    Mark Twain was definitely born a writer! He can spin a tale that is both comical yet tragic. In this story he is also a profound social analyst of the black/white issue. He really got this reader thinking about genetics, culture, society, morals, money, etc.. I highly recommend reading or rereading this classic book!
  • Predictable but entertaining

    By Dag777RLTW
    Never had read this story from Mark Twain, but it was an entertaining read. Somewhat predictable for today's novels but an entertaining story none the less. Pudd'nhead Wilson's calendar entries and some of the phrases (sold down the river) were worth the read.