Euthyphro - Plato


By Plato

  • Release Date: 2008-11-23
  • Genre: Computers & Technology
Score: 4
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Euthyphro is one of Plato's early dialogues, dated to after 399 BC. Taking place during the weeks leading up to Socrates' trial, the dialogue features Socrates and Euthyphro, [1] a religious expert also mentioned atCratylus 396a and 396d, attempting to define piety or holiness. The dialogue is set near the king-archon's court, where the two men encounter each other. They are both there for preliminary hearings before possible trials.


  • This work makes you think for yourself

    By ChewyChipMate
    This is my first ever look into Socratic views or how Socrates approached an issue. While this work shouldn't be judged on creative merits (even though Socrates is creative in his own way), this work should be judged on its lesson and moral of avoiding circular arguments, seeking pure truth, and candidly allowing yourself to let go of ideas you hold onto when presented with truth that goes against what you had previously thought. I gathered all of this from this very short work from Plato. I would highly suggest this to anybody.
  • Terrible

    By cactusgirl88
    This is not a dialogue as expected. It is a summary of the dialogue & therefore boring.