Obama's Last Stand: Playbook 2012 (POLITICO Inside Election 2012) - Glenn Thrush, Politico & Evan Thomas

Obama's Last Stand: Playbook 2012 (POLITICO Inside Election 2012)

By Glenn Thrush, Politico & Evan Thomas

  • Release Date: 2012-08-20
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 3.5
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A series of four instant eBooks on the 2012 presidential election, POLITICO’s Playbook 2012 provides an unprecedented real-time account of the race for the White House. The third edition, Obama’s Last Stand, follows the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama as it struggles to find the winning formula in a political landscape that has changed dramatically since his history-making victory in 2008.
Though battered and bruised after nearly four years in office, Barack Obama remains the most competitive player on the field in American politics today. In Obama’s Last Stand, POLITICO White House correspondent Glenn Thrush chronicles the efforts of the president and his team to secure a second term in the face of a determined opposition, unfavorable economic headwinds, and a series of missteps by his own team.
This is a revealing portrait of the president at the most precarious moment in his political life, with insights and anecdotes drawn straight from the notebook of one of the most perceptive reporters in America. The trash-talking schoolyard athlete in Obama is very much in evidence, especially when he speaks caustically about his Republican rivals, including the man he thinks is trying to steal his legacy, Mitt Romney.
Yet apart from Romney and the uncertain economy, Obama’s greatest obstacle on the road to reelection may be Obama 2008. He and his team of talented advisers must try to reconcile their nostalgia for that once-in-a-lifetime campaign with the realities of an election fundamentally altered by the advent of super PACs and the evaporation of Obama’s superstar popularity. That challenge has led a campaign operation that once prided itself on flawless execution of strategy to commit several of the most dangerous unforced errors of Obama’s political career.
Yet the game is far from over. If Obama is sometimes his own worst enemy, he also has the talent and drive to reclaim this race. Spurred on by the realistic prospect of losing, and growing ever more impatient with the foibles of his campaign staff, Obama the competitor is gearing up for the most critical fourth quarter of his career. This is the story of the last stand that will either cement his legacy forever—or consign him to a roster of once-promising one-term presidents.


  • Awful. Terrible waste of money. Anyone interested in a real political analysis should not read this.

    By Brian Younger
    Total joke. Weak supporting evidence.
  • One of the Smartest President ever!!

    By Thundercat
    Great book!! Just wish his administration held the previous President accountable for destroying the American Dream and very poor oversight of the country.
  • My copy ended prematurely!

    By Golden Ear @63
    E-books may be the Game Changer of 2012 and beyond. I know the White House denied some of the "reported record" which I attribute to a passing Presidential feeling about Mr. Romney that now may not be the case. But I bet on the authors accuracy in the moment and that what makes this all worthwhile reading! Now, how do I get my last few pages of the book instead of the stuttering repeated pages?
  • Biased

    By LizzieSullivan
    The author's candor about the"haloed"President Obama's refusal to compromise his integrity, honor, love of country etc. etc despite the intimidations from that awful "Machiavellian" Governor Romney makes for entertaining reading. Question is, why throw poor VP Biden under the bus?
  • Rerun

    By Msnbc redux
    This book is for political junkies, so there's not much new here. It seemed to be a rerun of everything i learned watching MSNBC over the last year.
  • See the light....

    By NoBama-2012
    Looking forward to seeing this fraud of a president losing re-election in 2012. Freedom will prevail over those who favor governmental control!