Changeable Worlds: Deliverance - Bart King

Changeable Worlds: Deliverance

By Bart King

  • Release Date: 2012-02-16
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy


First in a series of entirely new fantasy/science fiction, Changeable Worlds: Deliverance is a detailed tale of drama, redemption and deceit. In a distant galaxy, the planet Pri is home to the historic Shaler people. Towards the end of the Third Era, Emperor Serenus as leader is proud of their achievements, but this is not what interests him. When chance comes from ethereal beings born in the Synthetic Domain and known as the Lightbearers, Serenus triggers a bloody and long war against people that were once his own -- the merciless Kaidis. They are obsessed with the destruction of the Shaler after the emperor's pursuit of change. Focused on an entire continent, Deliverance travels from mountainous blizzards to temperate forests to inside a harsh volcano. With cities, outposts and other exotic locations, cut-throat and violent wars, ingenious science and existential discoveries, these playgrounds are ripe for corruption, honesty and betrayal.