An American Caddie in St. Andrews - Oliver Horovitz

An American Caddie in St. Andrews

By Oliver Horovitz

  • Release Date: 2013-03-14
  • Genre: Golf
Score: 4.5
From 338 Ratings


A hilarious and poignant memoir of a Harvard student who comes of age as a caddie on St. Andrews’s fabled Old Course.

In the middle of Oliver Horovitz’s high school graduation ceremony, his cell phone rang: It was Harvard. He’d been accepted, but he couldn’t start for another year.

A caddie since he was twelve and a golfer sporting a 1.8 handicap, Ollie decides to spend his gap year in St. Andrews, Scotland—a town with the U.K.’s highest number of pubs per capita, and home to the Old Course, golf ’s most famous eighteen holes—where he enrolls in the St. Andrews Links Trust caddie trainee program. Initially, the notoriously brusque veteran caddies treat Ollie like a bug. But after a year of waking up at 4:30 A.M. every morning and looping two rounds a day, Ollie earns their grudging respect— only to have to pack up and leave for Harvard.

There, Ollie’s new classmates are the sons of Albania’s UN ambassador, the owner of Heineken, and the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Surrounded by sixth generation legacies, he feels like a fish out of water all over again and can’t wait to get back to St. Andrews. Even after graduation, when his college friends rush to Wall Street, Horovitz continues to return each summer to caddie on the Old Course.

A hilarious, irresistible, behind-the-scenes peek at the world’s most celebrated golf course—and its equally famous caddie shack—An American Caddie in St. Andrews is certain to not only entertain golfers and fans of St. Andrews but also anyone who dares to remember stumbling into adulthood and finding one’s place in the world.


  • orosman

    By pinga larga
    started reading it on my flight back from St Andrews where i go twice a year and have been for past 10 years.Great book and one where i have met a lot of the characters and have some of them caddy for me.A must read!!!
  • Great book

    By Fightinirish44
    Even if you're not a fan of golf this book is a must read. Ollie covers his life as a caddy from the time he's 18. Going to St. Andrews should be on everyone's bucket list and this book makes the place seem even more amazing.
  • An American Caddy at St. Andrews

    By Golferputz
    Wonderful book! As one who has made three trips around the Od Course plus two of the other courses...with caddies, I found the book very interesting. It's a must-read for golfers planning a trip there. My only regret was that I must not have tipped to the level expected! Tee hee!
  • An American Caddy

    By Brooklyn Ken
    A great golf story! I can't wait to play better and take a pilgrimage to St. Andrews. I really miss uncle Ken. This is a GREAT read! Thanks.
  • Great Job Ollie

    By Wufvbwehvihweviwheb
    As an avid golfer I have read many golf themed books, this was exceptional because golf is the foundation, but life's hard earned lessons are the structure. Great you Uncle Ken!!!! Awesome!
  • An American Caddie in St. Andrews

    By Jbck
    I don't give many 5 star reviews, but this is well deserved. Having played the Old Course 3 times I get what Oliver was saying about the legendary atmosphere in St. Andrews! Thanks for a great read.
  • So good you won't want to put it down

    By gdfrnd1418
    I'm amazed at how much I loved this book regardless that I don't play golf! If you have just a passing interest in St. Andrews and a passing interest in just golf you'll love this book. Beautifully written with just the right tempo. Young and old alike, try the sample and then just download the whole book. You won't be sorry.
  • Loved it

    By Goofer n ohio
    Great book ,buy it !! plus dude needs beer money
  • Not just about golf

    By bthotugigem05
    If you love golf, you should read this book. If you don't, read it anyway. For being about a young man's experience caddying, it's not about golf that much, rather an honest and genuine look at his search for meaning and finding his place in the world.
  • A must-read for all golfers

    By Browna88
    Could not put this book down. Heard about it through an acquaintance of mine and decided to flip a couple pages. Great stories, great writing and great (real life) characters. I've always wanted to visit St. Andrews and now my interest has skyrocketed. A great book about golf, caddying and growing up. A great read for golfers and non golfers alike (although the references wi make more sense to the knowledgable golfer)