Manifesto of the Communist Party - Karl Marx

Manifesto of the Communist Party

By Karl Marx

  • Release Date: 1848-01-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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The Manifesto of the Communist Party was drafted as its party program by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in Brussels at the order of the second congress of the League of Communists (December 2-8, 1847) The Manifesto marked the end of a year-long discussion within the League of the Just about the objectives and methods of proletarian emancipation and implied the conclusion of its transformation into the League of Communists. In Marxist literature this publication, which marked a milestone in the theoretical evolution of Marx and Engels and reflected the crucial principles of their world view in a relatively self-contained and complete form, is held to be the birth certificate of scientific socialism, which was fundamentally distinct from utopian socialism. Brought into its final version by Marx, it undoubtedly was the most brilliant and widely read writing of Marx and Engels; thanks to its down-to-earth analysis of society with its concise and cogent portrayal of a humanizing-liberating perspective for workers and the urgent demands for a revolutionary transformation of society. It was the most effective and most widely read publication of the modern working-class movement.


  • Horrendous and logically faulty

    By reseteion
    The communist ideology hasn’t high level of hypocrisy and loopholes. It would be idiotic to say something like this would ever work.
  • Unrealistic

    By antimarxist69
    Lunatics would love this book
  • 5
    By hi1963
  • Knock Knock, It’s Papa Stalin

    By JackF Kerwaaaaaa!!!
    I think the book is really interesting, and as someone who is insane about history, I love it! *1 5 Y E A R S G U L A G F O R Y O U*
  • gulag

    By the rarted
    mom can i have communism for free purposes for free purposes? yeeeeess actually G U L A G T I M E like a boss
  • Exceeded my expectations

    By Proletariats unite
    I believe that this document was extremely intelligent as far as historical significance and quality. It shows how the imperial class was undermined by the bourgeois class due to the discovery of America, and then goes further to explain how by the estimation of that historical timeline of class and how the proletariat can rise. When put into practice with the Russian Revolution, Lenin changed the ideals and Stalin disintegrated the country with the man-made famine in the Ukraine to root out the supposed Kulaks. This system became further corrupted after the death of Stalin and rotted out from the inside. I believe that Capitalism definitely has its flaws, but is so far the best system of economy and class that is humanly possible. Although, it seems the USA economic system is reverting back to what was described by Marx, as the oppression of the proletariat with the bourgeois corporate system in America, where there is a pyramid of power, with the worker, even with Unions, have basically zero power. Because the corporations are exploiting the Chinese with cheap labour and stealing the employment of our country from the American working class. Also, many people are abusing the Welfare system and drinking the funds of the US government dry. Overall I do believe that capitalism is the correct system of economy, but there will be very many protests, rebellions, and even revolutions until this problem is solved. By the way I'm 15🙂 Alec Avdakov
  • Great Book!

    By Kijik'lyn
    If I could go higher, I would rate it 10/10