Over View of the US Military. - Peter Heywood

Over View of the US Military.

By Peter Heywood

  • Release Date: 2012-03-19
  • Genre: Reference


This is a book giving the reader an insight into the US Military .
There are 26 chapters :
These include .
An Overview of the US Military 
How The US Armed Forces Conducts Its Military Training
A Closer Look At Homosexuals In The Military
A Look At The Military in Business 
A Look At the US Military Structure
Acting the Military Way
An Overview of the US Military
Estrogen-Powered Military
Investigating US Military Funding
Living The Military Life
Making A Career Out of the US Military 
Marching Down The Ages: The Development Of The Modern Military
Military Brat
Military Evolution
Military Fashion
Potential Careers After Military School 
Refreshing the Military
Science in Military
Slugging it Out the Military Style
Surviving Boot Camp: Getting Into The Military
The Lowdown on Military Hotels
The Military Machine
The Military Saves for the Rainy Days
Understanding Military Jargon 
Work Your Way into Military Muscles
Young Military Blood