The Dirt - Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx & Mick Mars

The Dirt

By Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx & Mick Mars

  • Release Date: 2014-07-01
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
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Celebrate thirty years of the world's most notorious rock band with the deluxe collectors' edition of The Dirt—the outrageous, legendary, no-holds-barred autobiography of Mötley Crüe. Fans have gotten glimpses into the band's crazy world of backstage scandals, celebrity love affairs, rollercoaster drug addictions, and immortal music in Mötley Crüe books like Tommyland and The Heroin Diaries, but now the full spectrum of sin and success by Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick Mars is an open book in The Dirt. Even fans already familiar with earlier editions of the bestselling exposé will treasure this gorgeous deluxe edition. Joe Levy at Rolling Stone calls The Dirt "without a doubt . . . the most detailed account of the awesome pleasures and perils of rock & roll stardom I have ever read. It is completely compelling and utterly revolting."


  • Excellent read

    By otica_steve
    Insightful, engaging, and electric. This book moves quickly & tells some amazing r&r stories from multiple POVs. Be warned, Nikki’s stories behind some of the songs will make you put the Crüe in your most played songs list.
  • The Dirt

    By tjkmaxx
    Very entertaining book, even for people who don’t like to read- the way it’s laid out will be enjoyable. Just a great all around read!
  • One of the best books

    By Ariela!
    This book tells the ups and downs that the band and themselves have throughout there lives! It’s crazy to read about the tears, laughter, blood and sweat they put into there lives and probably into this book. Overall this book is a 10/10! I’m so glad I had gotten to read this amazing book, it’s just like wow! I couldn’t stop reading this book. All I could say is if you’re thinking about reading it, don’t even think just buy it!
  • Book to movie 👏

    By somewhat mariah fan
    Wow... awesome book, and movie to go with it. Well done 👍 👍👍👍👍
  • Awesome

    By laceyandjr
    Very very good book would read over again I love Mötley Crüe always will
  • Fun stuff

    By frankiepaulcomedy
    What a great ride through the world of Motley Crüe! Fan of the band or just a fan of rock n roll, you’ll love it. Yes, I’m a fan of the band AND rock n roll. Have fun!
  • Great!!

    By Crueeee
    Great book
  • Well done, if you don’t like them...

    By KevinRubin
    While Motley Crue has never been anywhere close to one of my favorite groups, and I haven’t even listened to half their albums, “The Dirt” was quite a well put together autobiography. In addition to the main four members, there are chapters by other people associated with them. The chapters go through each of the four Motley Crue members in first person, with probably more by Nikki Sixx than any of the others. They cover their childhoods and how they got into music, and relationships with their parents and families. Then it goes on to them all in Los Angeles, partying and meeting one another at various places until they wind up all together, thanks to an advertisement in “The Recycler”. Three of the four of them living together in a two bedroom house while they get their band going. For their first two albums and tours they’re all very much together as a group, and the partying is still a lot of fun. After the success of their second album and tour, though, things change…. They’ve got money flowing, long term relationships with women and by then their living mostly separate lives, and partying isn’t fun anymore, they’re addicted to drugs and alcohol. By then they’ve lost the “one for all, all for one” attitude. At various times Nikki and Tommy clearly let on that they’re shocked themselves how far “over the line” some of their drug and sex fueled antics have gone. And while they realize it, they aren’t able to get control of themselves to do much. Chapters by Nikki, Tommy and Vince all have the same written style to them, while the ones by Mick Mars make him stand out as a very different person, which fits as he’s a decade older than the rest, a lot more private, dealing with very different health problems, and put more time in struggling to “make it” than they did. And Vince is easily distinguished from the others, seeming to feel more of an outsider in a different way. The only blonde member, with different interests and without seeming to have a life-long love of music, the rest sort of shunned him after his drunk driving caused a fatal accident. He points out in one of his chapters how he was suddenly, universally hated by fans and critics, which I actually remember as a teenager. On the other hand, the saddest, most tear-jerking chapter is also his, with the death of his four your old daughter to cancer. Towards the end, though, the book gets a bit rushed. Written in 2001, at a time when Tommy Lee was out of the band, and Randy Castillo was drumming, there aren’t any chapters by Castillo or mention that he was suffering from some major medical issues. Overall it’s a well done book. Even if you’re not a fan of Motley Crue it’s a good read about them.
  • Could not put it down!

    By jdr0001
    I have to admit I am not an avid book reader. Books have a hard time catching my attention but this book,however, caught me from the first page and I couldn’t put it down. The story telling comes from the band members themselves and the stories and lives the Crue lived were captivating, jaw dropping, outrageous and heart breaking. Really enjoyed this book and I’m sure it’s partly because I’m a fan. It’s a must read for all Crue fans!
  • The Dirt

    This Was A Easy Read With A lot Of Detail on Motley Crue...Very Interesting & Couldn’t Stop Reading . Can’t Wait For The Movie