Tales of Extreme Endurance - Ben Greenfield

Tales of Extreme Endurance

By Ben Greenfield

  • Release Date: 2012-06-12
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


Are you ready to be inspired? This book contains amazing tales of extreme endurance from athletes around the globe. These aren’t pros or elites – these are everyday people who decided to step outside their comfort zone and attempt to achieve the extraordinary. You’ll get to read stories that include:

- An amateur athlete’s emotional journey through his first 50 mile race. 
- An amazing weight loss journey that resulted in crossing the Ironman finish line with just 34 seconds to spare. 
- A heart that begins to fail during the heat of competition in an ultra-endurance event. 
- The 7 million steps of a Pacific Crest Trail adventure. 
- An HIV+ triathlete who defies the odds and keeps on competing. 
- The story of an epic 155 mile bicycle climb. 
- An office manager who runs the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu. 
- And much more!

Brought to you by EndurancePlanet.com, the web’s top source of endurance sports fanaticism, this book is guaranteed to thrill, amaze, entertain and inspire.

About the Author

Ben Greenfield, Voted #1 Personal Trainer in the Nation in 2008, is a prominent expert voice in the burgeoning triathlon industry. Known as "The Brain" of triathlon, he holds a Master's degree in exercise science and biomechanics, an ISSN Sports Nutrition Certification, a Serotta Bike Fit Certification, and the highest attainable certification as a Strength & Conditioning Coach by the NSCA.

Each week his blog at BenGreenfieldFitness.com receives tens of thousands of unique visitors who download his weekly nutrition and training articles and audios. He is the voice and author for "Get-Fit Guy" the #1 fitness podcast in iTunes, owner of "Endurance Planet" an endurance sports media website and a regular contributor to triathlon publications such as LAVA magazine, Everymantri, OnTri, TriFuel, Xtri, and Firstoffthebike. Ben has competed in the Triathlon World Championships of Olympic, Half and Full Ironman distances, and is the #1 ranked triathlete for Triathlon Northwest.