The Fist of God - M.E. Brines

The Fist of God

By M.E. Brines

  • Release Date: 2012-05-17
  • Genre: Religious


What if the Second World War wasn't just the largest war in history, but a supernatural struggle between spiritual entities?

It’s 1940 and the fires of war have set Europe ablaze, but America remains blissfully neutral. To please his parents, skeptical Stuart Mackenzie studies to become a minister. He has about as much concern for the outcome of the war as he does for South American sports scores. But his idealistic brother, a former bootlegger with ties to the Purple Gang, volunteers for the Royal Air Force. And when his Hurricane is shot down, Stuart abandons his studies to seek bloodthirsty revenge.

But what he discovers unravels his worldview. Can a confirmed skeptic defeat a coven of Nazi sorcerers on their home ground? What chance will the mundane weapons of the Allied powers have against ancient magic and an artifact said to have slain the very Son of God?

The Fist of God includes the novella The Spear of Destiny, extended to include Stuart's origin and destiny.